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  1. bullnerd

    Super Off road for Xbox One?

    I know very little about video games, But i do remember playing super off road at the arcade and on a nintendo. My Daughter has an Xbox one and I would like to get some two person driving games. Does anything like SO exist? We do have Dirt 4, which is pretty good, But I get bored quick...
  2. bullnerd

    Feature shop tours?

    Wasn't there a section for shop tours on here somewhere? Like the feature cars....but shops? Haven't been on here in a while, am I missing it? Thanks.
  3. bullnerd

    GM PS box in solid works?

    Any one have or know where to get a GM truck power steering box modeled in solid works?
  4. bullnerd

    Fab School "trophy kart"?

    Anyone know of video or additional info on the Fab school kart other than whats on ther site?
  5. bullnerd

    Long time first time

    Allow myself to introduce........myself. My name is mike hammer,from nj ,been lurking here for a long time. No desert in jersey,but i dream of moving out west. Got the name bullnerd from breaking a kids nose with my math book in middle school.