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  1. lvzfyr

    Reset password

    I forgot my password for an add in classifieds and i put in my my email and hit send to reset and nothing happens. I need to delete ad 152805 Thanks
  2. lvzfyr

    Race Suit / Pit Suit Cleaning service

    Hey Guys Kicking around the idea of setting up at the Contingency and offer Race suit and Pit suit cleaning services. I have an ISP that we Clean, Inspect, and repair Firefighting turnouts and nomex clothing according to NFPA standards. We already take care of a few local teams but wanted to...
  3. lvzfyr

    Anthony's Burning (and I'm not talking about your crotch)

    Turns out that the Burning sensation you feel after going to Anthonys's isnt just the Clap after all.
  4. lvzfyr

    Nomex Jumpsuits / Fire Extinguishers

    With all the talk of Pit/Fueling Safety I thought I would offer up what we have and have always sold to racers for fire protection. A few years ago we bought a large stock of Chieftan Rescuesafe EMS Jumpsuits. They are 2 layer Nomex. Sizes are kinda hit and miss and I have not gone through the...
  5. lvzfyr

    small 40 spline spool with a 4" Carrier bearing?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to make a bunch of parts I have laying around work and I need some help. What I have is a 3rd member case that is already machined to use a 10" gear and uses a 4" OD carrrier bearing. I want to put a spool in it to use the small 40 spline axles (Not the big TT 40 spline)...
  6. lvzfyr


    Hey there, Been following RDC forever and finally got a username so I can chime in on the interesting conversations here.