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    PPP Loans-All small businesses must read

    Sure , send me your TAX ID number and I’ll get right on it.
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    PPP Loans-All small businesses must read

    The good and the bad The good We were fortunate enough to get funded..Money in our account.We did not use our primary bank which I consider a medium sized bank. We don't carry any debt with them nor credit line and I just felt like as others said here we were going to the bottom of the stack...
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    The "Official" Dakar 2020 Thread

    Sport before politics !! I just spent 12 days in KSA and was treated very very well. I've been fortunate to spend a considerable amount of time in the Gullf region. UAE Oman and Qatar. Always been comfortable and treated with the utmost respect , which I return. Different culture that you in...
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    Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Announces Class of 2019

    BTW ... Excellent 2019 class , We can't thank ORMOHF enough for the great work they do !
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    Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Announces Class of 2019

    Butch would be a great addition. Having been fortunate enough to be on past selection commitees, I would suggest you follow the application format as close possible. More content the better
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    On Topic So, where are we supposed to race now?

    MY 02 cents FWIW Not pointing fingers just pointing out what I believe to be the case. The off road race community is way behind the curve with respect to land use issues. As was mentioned here previously, by the time it gets to public hearings the ship has sailed. The recreation side...
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    Old Funco in San Felipe

    I think Rogers car is cleaner then that.I spoke with him not long ago and he's still running it around. We built in the 25 to 30 car range in the late 90's for the San Felipe crowd. Now we have to build stuff like this. It's just a little different LOL
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    Parker 425 Live Coverage?

    Any links to lap times ?
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    Sand Sports Supershow Sept 16th- 18th!

    FUNCO MOTORSPORTS will be there with a few new model Hot rods Find the Desert People and you'll find us
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    When its time to stop racing

    It's Simple really and my kid told me this. THE JUICE HAS TO BE WORTH THE SQUEEZE !! We just sold his Pro Buggy after many years of chasing Shortcoarse championships in UTV Superlite Pro lite and Probuggy Tough call but it was his to make. Life changes and Priorities change
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    PCI Race Radios banned from LOORRS

    DUMBASS MOVE on behalf of LOORS and RUGGED but not surprising by either.
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    FUNCO GTA Video and pics

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    FUNCO GTA Video and pics

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    Race Wins Over Championships

    Maybe it does'nt really relate to Desert anymore , but Championships are for the ages. We run Lucas and my son Chad has the most wins (6) this year. My nephew Garret had (3wins) and the Championship ! It is a simple equation Garret was the best over 16 rounds of racing. Chad will tell you...
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    Who the Hell is…?

    To answer the question at hand .. RANDY is a GREAT AMERICAN BADASS !!
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    LOORRS Baja Race

    Hats off to the Ampudias , they nailed every detail. Security was on the forefront of everyone mind, each and every pit had a Policia officer stationed. They had Mexican interpretors available for any off track needs. The Mexican fans were beyond respectful , engaged and friendly. The...
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    whos racing mexico and whos staying home

    50/50 for the FUNCO BOYZ at best :p
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    On Topic Tony Barraza contact

    951 654 0830
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    Where is the"filler" class between Karts, Mini-Stock and Pro-Lite

    Excuse my ignorance, but isnt this exactly what Eric Barron is trying to do ?
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    LOORRS Rounds 3 & 4 Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park Preview

    So they can send home 4 of their 12 truck field. ..not likely