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  1. klop90

    Cry baby excuses.

    BJ, the stories are the ENTIRE reason I follow you on social media. Thank you for all the content you provide, please don’t change a thing. Videos, photos, fan giveaways, inside scoop to your race shop and race experiences….what else could you ask for, all for FREE!!!! You are always a...
  2. klop90

    Squashing all TSCO Racing rumors before they start!

    Bear, How much for the pink gorilla suit!?
  3. klop90

    TSCO Racing - 2012 BITD Parker 425 **VIDEO**

    Sick video, awesome race, great team, great people!
  4. klop90

    Robby Gordon Caption Contest

    I could have sworn I lost a wheel bearing with as much noise I heard pulling out of here, turns out it was just a bunch of crying coming from the Mini camp
  5. klop90

    Get some

    Victor, BEST video of the Baja 500 I've seen. LOVE that I can race the WHOLE course in 15 minutes!
  6. klop90

    Torpedo alert! Ono Sushi got Bombed!

    Glad to hear you are ok Scott, that is super scary. How the hell do you fit in a 1600 car, do you nerf people with your shoes?
  7. klop90

    Top 10 Coolest Buggies??

    Game over, the answer is Rick Ellison's Class 10 Chenowth Millennium.
  8. klop90

    Vegas to Reno Time Trials

    I'm confused, if that's the winner, when did they paint the new Jimco TSCO TT with Corona colors? ;)
  9. klop90

    who caused the jam at the summit

    Aren't 12 cars just 10 cars with beam front ends? Why don't you just race class 10 if you can beat all of them?
  10. klop90

    Rightway Wrongway & the Jonesway

    Too cool, thank you!
  11. klop90

    Rightway Wrongway & the Jonesway

    Have any of the #9?
  12. klop90

    Thank you to TSCO!!!

    I believe all of the extras went to Casey’s office. I don’t know what the procedure is for getting one now but they were offered at $100 before the race…… a good deal for a great bag!
  13. klop90

    Dirt Sports- good and bad-July issue

    Hey Marty, love the magazine, been a subscriber from day one. Any chance of getting more race car photos in the magazine? Nothing overbearing, just one or two pages of photos only. Seems like if you did something similar to what you do with the people section each month where you show a...
  14. klop90

    who is or was the best co-driver of all time

    Keith Danczak TSCO Motorsports -Descent Co-Driver, Mediocre Crew Chief, TOP OF THE LINE CHICKEN FIGHTER!
  15. klop90

    Your favorite off-road driver is MY favorite driver too!

    Your favorite off-road driver is MY favorite driver too!
  16. klop90

    V2R Overall TT or 1500?

    TSCO 1588 1st OA. Ya Heard!
  17. klop90

    All-Time Favorite Race Colors

    A little biased, but I like Rick Ellison's Chenowth Millennium.
  18. klop90

    Keith Danszak

    For all the DUMB SH$!T you've done over the years I'd hate to see you go out like THAT!!!! Love you bro, VERY glad to hear you are alright. Does this mean you are going to wear a helmet when you chicken fight from now on? -Jason
  19. klop90

    Chenowth Mini Mag

    Bingo, that was Ventura alright. The other short course venues were Willow Springs, MTEG San Diego, and Glen Helen. I used to pit for that car and had the time of my life doing it, pink hat and all!
  20. klop90

    Parker Updates.

    I did something really stupid and actually looked the rule up online. You are right Mikey. If you miss your start time you are on the clock but you must go to the rear of your class. If the last car in your class already left you will be placed in line wherever BITD feels appropriate. No...