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  1. arqangel67

    Shock Rebuilder in Socal High Desert

    Like the title says, I'm looking for a reputable shock rebuilder in the High Desert.
  2. arqangel67

    On Topic RV1 Making a Comeback!?

  3. arqangel67


    Congratulations to Ricky Brabec, Robby Bell, Steve Hengeveld, and Max Eddy and the rest of the TEAM GREEN!!! I wasn't able to watch or follow this year but as soon as I caught word that the guys won I was excited and happy for the team. Congrats and I hope the team continues their success in 2015.
  4. arqangel67

    Machine Shops in IE?

    I need some stuff made and can't find a machine shop in the San Berdoo area, so does anyone of one in the area?
  5. arqangel67

    Mint 400 HELP!!

    So I came up to Las Vegas for the Mint and my girls birthday and the truck had issues, can anybody reccomend a good shop in town? My girl isn't please and I want this fixed ASAP! I can be reached by cell@ (909) 663-8397
  6. arqangel67

    Dyno Shops??

    I'm looking for a Dyno shop either in the IE or Socal area. I've found several but most are high end and I'm looking for just a tune on a mostly stock Chevy truck, not trying to win any dyno wars.
  7. arqangel67

    Ford 9" venting and brakes on Chevy truck

    I'm looking for ideas on how to vent the 9" in building, specifically whether I can move the vent location. I would preferably like to have both the vent and brake lines center mounted one one each side just center of the axle. My question about the venting is if I move it to the center section...
  8. arqangel67

    Rear axle widths

    I'm looking for information on axle widths for Chevy and Ford 9" rear ends. To be exact I'm looking for something close to 63" wms to wms.
  9. arqangel67

    Turbo 475

    Anybody need a endless suplly of trannies? The description says they look unused.
  10. arqangel67

    master disconnect switches

    does anybody know where i can find those big master disconnect switches found on car haulers ? they are about 4 inches in diameter and look sorta like a dial . any help is appreciated
  11. arqangel67

    cb radios?

    doeas anybody use cb radios ?
  12. arqangel67

    mejor lugares para ver la b1k

    Buenos Dias ,este ano es la primer vez viendo la carrera b1k . y por eso no soy bien conocido con las areas cerca de la carrera ,no estoy buscando lugares con tanto gente pero al mismo tiempo no quiero estar con el radioman tampoco. Algiuen me puede ayudar ? gracias
  13. arqangel67

    My name is GASTON and I'M I'LL!!!!

    HELLO EVERVBODY !! well i found this forum awhile back and thought i needed to get in on this . im really into dezert racing ,i think that its the most grueling and intense racing there is ! i dont race but i do have plans on building something to play with . im looking forward to any advise or...