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  1. bajafoolin'

    Baja 1000: Need a ride from La Paz to Los Cabos Int

    looking for a ride to the airport Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning after the race. Two seats needed. Graciously donate to your fund for gas, food, booze, or whatever. Thanks
  2. bajafoolin'

    Carpool Friday SD-Ens

    Want to be in Ensenada by 9ish in the AM. Either want to drive and get rider(s) to help out with fuel expense or pitch in a few bucks and ride with some one. I'm in Ramona and willing to leave at 6am Call of text Joe 619-665-1499
  3. bajafoolin'

    Baja Fools Party-Thursday-Ensenada

    We are setting up the Bar in the grass at the Bahia Hotel on Thursday afternoon. Everyone is invited including Fools young, old, and estranged. We will have Tacos, Beer, and Margaritas. Bahia is on Front st directly across from huge Mexican flag.
  4. bajafoolin'

    24 Hrs of Plaster City?

    Has there ever been a 24hr race in Plaster City? Did FUD or D38 ever done anything like that? My friend Chris at RacerX mentioned it the other day and I think its a great idea. It would start at the usual time on Saturday morning and most laps completed by sunday morning wins. Memorial day...
  5. bajafoolin'

    tired of "searching"...

    I have spent too many hours searching the archives of this forum and I don't feel like spending three hours again. I need to start bookmarking the good stuff when I find it. I went to ORW to buy the heim adapter pins that go in the spindle. They dont fit my spindle. I was expecting a SAW...
  6. bajafoolin'

    Which shocks do you use?

    what is the hot shock setup? are most chassis built to the SCORE rear shock rule: max extended length of 31.5 or whatever it is? If I get a stimulus check I am buying a CL 9 chassis. A project that I want to setup myself. A roller if one is available for the right price. I really just want...
  7. bajafoolin'

    Parker: Lost and Found

    anyone come home with a yokohama on btr with black rings. labeled Kupiec or 1117 or 1217. i'm the richard cranium that put this brand new spare in the rack, and it bounced out somewhere along the way. very embarrassing. hopefully I can redeem myself and return the wheel to its owner. to whom...
  8. bajafoolin'

    video: feeling lucky?

    wanted to share:
  9. bajafoolin'

    What Class 8 is For Sale?

    I consider the classified section on this site the premier source to search for race cars. Hopefully after sucking up this thread might last long enough for me to get some feedback. I am looking for all Class 8 trucks. Some rich coporate type approached me this week to budget a nice Class 8 for...
  10. bajafoolin'

    what to do with scrap frame?

    I'm cleaning out 5 years worth of crap that i have compiled in the back yard. one piece is a Honda 02 250r. the bike MELTED in a trailer fire a couple years ago. i would imagine all the aluminum is still valuable. frame motor and suspension is all that remains. does anyone have a suggestion on...
  11. bajafoolin'

    Who can tell me entry fees?

    I am planning to race a few next year in class 9. I have spent about an hour looking and made a couple calls to no avail trying to figure entry fees. I'm sure there are plenty of people that know off the top of their head. What are approx entry fees for the following races: MORE 250...
  12. bajafoolin'

    VIDEO: Sinister/Riviera Baja 500

    Did a quick search and didn't see it here. JIM COOK IS THE MAN!!! In my mind nobody comes close. That is how a Fools pit is done, don't listen to a word this guy...
  13. bajafoolin'

    NASCAR Randy Moss Motorsports,79998 what do you guys think?
  14. bajafoolin'

    When will Riviera 3 come out?

    I watched the trailer at the Wide Open party at No Worries, it didn't play very well so I only kinda got to see it. I saw Jim Cook in Baja about 5 times but never remembered to ask him. I'm sure it will be a couple of months, he should have a ton of good footage to edit. Anyone got the inside...
  15. bajafoolin'

    TT Points Championship, who is the real favorite?

    What a Baja 1000 this will be. 40 years, 1300 mi, and an incredible championship battle! If you need a reminder here is how the TT points stand: 1. Post 359 2. Baldwin 358 3. Cadiente 338 4. Ragland 332 5. Pflueger 294 Who are you picking to win it all? Who are...
  16. bajafoolin'

    My Google Earth Hardships, please help

    I downloaded the Free Google Earth Program last year and I was able to enjoy the 06 B1K overlay. When I try to view this years overlay my google earth program "unexpectedly quits" every time. I know how to navigate the web and basic programs as well as the average person in my generation...
  17. bajafoolin'

    Weight Distribution

    What kind of weight distribution front to rear do the accomplished fabricators shoot for? Does anyone weigh their vehicle at all four wheels to find precise numbers? Or is the common technique to weigh the components and locate them accordingly? My goal is to make it symmetrical, equal...
  18. bajafoolin'

    sprung vs unsprung?

    can some one give a quick explanation of sprung/unsprung mass?
  19. bajafoolin'

    Pit Crew Challenge

    $10,000 prize, did I read that right? How do you enter? Is it part of the race entry form or something?
  20. bajafoolin'

    Tube Chassis Prerunners?

    How many prerunners out there have a full tube chassis? All the high end prerun trucks being built these days have tube or boxed frames. The TYR Raceworks truck that was showcased here a while back appears to have an all tube floor and a Porter prerunner in progres is all boxed with lots off...