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    DVD Trailer//FlatWheel Productions

    Our DVD, Revolutions Per Minute, will be released at the Off-Road Expo in Pomona on October 6th. Check out the trailer at The site will be live within the next week, as for now, the trailer is the only thing there. Featured in the DVD: Filtec Racing Team Steve Sourapas...
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    BITD Vegas 2 Reno Photos - Post em!

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    Tuff Trucks & Buggies 2007 Video // FlatWheel Productions

    Two awesome days of racing! The blue buggy hit so hard that the battery connector to the camera came unplugged, thats why it cut out on impact. FiberwerX also hit pretty hard and knocked several batteries out of the battery pack (not shown). Thanks again Tony, Jason, Perry, TK, Rich, Shawn...
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    HMS Trophy Truck Testing Video

    Went testing last friday with the boys over at Herman Motorsports. Got some footage of Steve Calhoun and Damen Jefferies testing out Steve's brand new HMS built Trophy Truck. Special thanks to the guys at Liquid Ice Energy and Herman Motorsports for letting us tag along. Enjoy! Check out...
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    MORE ORAF 400 Photos!

    If you have any requests, feel free to post them up and i'll look for them as soon as i can. Other photog's, feel free to post up your pics as well. :D
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    MDR Ridgecrest 200 Video // FlatWheel Productions

    We just finished up the video from the MDR Ridgecrest 200 race. In-car and suspension cameras are in Shawn Giordano, 1406. Enjoy! Here are a few screenshots: MDR Ridgecrest 200 - High Quality MDR Ridgecrest 200 - Low Quality MDR Ridgecrest 200 - YouTube The photo gallery of...
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    Terribles Town 250 Pics - Post em up!

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    MDR King of the Desert Video // FlatWheel Productions

    MDR King of the Desert - High Quality MDR King of the Desert - Low Quality All the photos from the race are posted in our gallery as well... MDR King of the Desert Photo Gallery See you at the Terribles Town 250! :D
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    MDR King of the Desert PHOTOS

    lets get a thread going, anyone can post pics here, none of this "my thread got hijacked" nonsense. ;) the rest of our photos should be on the site by tomorrow. I'm really enjoying my new 30D.
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    Baja 250 InCar Video // FlatWheel Productions

    We present to you.... the NERF CAM. :eek: This is just a teaser, we got lots more good stuff... passing cars in mid air, silt, locals, whoops, and close encounters of the manx kind. ;) Baja 250 Incar - Windows Media Enjoy. :)
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    Colin McRae: DIRT // Official Trailer
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    MDR FUD 200 Video (in 1080i HD) // FlatWheel Productions

    MDR FUD 200 - High Quality MDR FUD 200 - Low Quality MDR FUD 200 - YouTube MDR FUD 200 - 1080i High Definition* MDR FUD 200 Photo Gallery *IMPORTANT: Please, due to the large size of the HD version (182 megs) in order to save our bandwidth, you must meet or exceed the following system...
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    FiberwerX - CODE In-Car Video // FlatWheel Productions

    Congrats again on the win, guys. :D Windows Media High Windows Media Lo YouTube
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    MDR Don Griffith Memorial Video - FlatWheel Productions

    MDR Don Griffith Memorial High Quality MDR Don Griffith Memorial Low Quality MDR Don Griffith Memorial YouTube All photos from this race will be up on our site this evening. Enjoy!
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    Laughlin Desert Challenge Video - FlatWheel Productions

    SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge High Quality SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge Low Quality SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge YouTube
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    Phankuch/Keller Testing Video - 1.12.06

    Pfankuch/Keller Testing - High Quality Pfankuch/Keller Testing - Low Quality
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    Bash Before the Dash Video - FlatWheel Productions

    Bash Before the Dash - High Quality Bash Before the Dash - Low Quality Bash Before the Dash - Family Edit (no F-word) :D Bash Before the Dash Photos Enjoy!
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    Bud Light Dash 2006 Video - FlatWheel Productions

    Here's our video from last weekend's MDR Bud Light Dash. Our video from the Rhino Bash will be coming up shortly. MDR Bud Light Dash Video - High Quality MDR Bud Light Dash Video - Low Quality MDR Bud Light Dash Photos - Bash Before the Dash Photos Enjoy!
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    MDR Dash/Bash Pictures - FlatWheel Productions

    All pictures from the MDR Bud Light Dash and Bash Before the Dash are now posted on our site. Also, we have extended our 50% off sale until January 10th! Video from the Dash and the "Bash" will be up within the next few days. Enjoy! MDR Bud Light Dash Pictures Bash Before the Dash...