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  1. TKowns

    What does it take to codrive?

    I been into offroad racing since i was 10 years old which i am now 18. I Just recently graduated high school and i think its time to get more into racing. So i was wondering what does it take to be a codriver in the sport? How to prepare,what cost may be for a codriver seat, etc. im not looking...
  2. TKowns

    New forum topic idea - Supercross

    Can you guys create a new forum topic based on Supercross and motocross? Or is it just something you can't or don't want to do? In my opinion I believe there are other people on this site that would also like this topic and possibly bring more people here. So if it is possible to create a...
  3. TKowns

    Silver State 300 Quad 2011

    The Silver State 300 race is coming up in a few months on April 29-30 and I was planning on racing that on the Quads. But I got a few questions if anyone can answer them I would like that. (This will be my first Desert race and im 17 years old) Where do i get race radios so I can communicate...
  4. TKowns

    Baja Radios?

    Anyone know any good baja radios that i could buy so I can communicate with my pit crew? I need one that is easy to set up and use and i need it quick because im racing some score and snore races this year.
  5. TKowns

    Class 1 Chassis

    Does anyone know what kind of Chassis this class 1 buggy has in the video? Also does anyone know who makes and sells them and how much they cost?
  6. TKowns

    LOORRS TV Racing

    Anyone know when LOORRS is on TV. Is there a place where I can find out when they will be on tv. I know its on the speed channel just not sure what days they will be on.
  7. TKowns

    Trophy Kart Racing

    Does anyone know where Trophy Karts race on Shortcourses? I am planning on getting a Trophy Kart 450cc and racing it in the 16+ yr olds class. If you have any information on the races, tracks, and other classes that race I would really like that. If you have a website or video of a race could...
  8. TKowns

    Hell, My name is Quintin

    Hello my name is Quintin and I got found out about this website by looking for prerunners trucks on the classified forums. After coming to this website a lot of times I decided to just sign up and look around on the forums. vehicles that I ride around in the desert are quads, I got 3 of them. A...