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  1. Hurley37

    7F Ecoboost Motor Build

    I've been building a 7 Ranger for about 4 years now and recently got my hands on a 2.0 Ecoboost on craigslist with less than 20,000 miles for $400 with a motor stand and cherry picker. I was planning on running the 7 open class, but realized 7F was better for my build. Does anyone have any info...
  2. Hurley37

    Spot X Review

    Has anyone gotten to try out the new Spot X? I want to purchase one before the 1000 but am reading mixed reviews about it. Any info would be great! Thanks Guys.
  3. Hurley37

    Track Width And Camber Angle For LT

    I'm working on a long travel kit right now for my prerunner (Chevy Silverado) and am curious on the track width and camber angle everyone else is sticking too. I'm not interested in buying any or having anyone else fab them. Thanks for any responses.
  4. Hurley37

    Need a riding buddy for Baja

    I'm 22 y/o and an experienced rider/paramedic in San Diego. I want somebody to ride with because my brothers live in Denver and all my buddies here are chicken shi?$ and won't go with me. Im down for whatever ride and I have a bunch of rides too. I'm trying to go may 12th on a day or over night...
  5. Hurley37

    Spectating Parker 425

    I've been to plenty of off-road races down in Baja and used to watch the Fud/MDR races in superstition but I've never been to a BITD race. I only live an hour from the track so I figured why not. I know there pretty strict on where to spectate (shea rd and bouse). Does someone recommend one spot...
  6. Hurley37

    Hurley 7s Truck making it's way back

    Well we found the old Hurley race truck on craigslist and couldn't resist bring it back to the way it was! It was found in boulevard on blocks rusting away and was repaired quite a bit! Now just a few more things and the truck is going to hit the races again! Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get...