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  1. 1fastbean

    Race Mile Of The Last Baja Sur 500

    Does anyone know what RM this photo was taken? I'm heading down to La Paz this coming weekend and wanted to do some exploring. I'm a little frustrated trying to remember since I have done the drive several times but its been many years since I've gone down.
  2. 1fastbean

    Video of Cam Steele's TT vs. Boss 302 and Raptor

    Cameron Steele gets some seat time in his Trophy Truck at Famoso Drag Strip and Willow Springs Raceway. Cam did a great job whipping that monster around the corners of Willow Springs. \m/ Replacement String:
  3. 1fastbean

    Any one going to Diaz Vs. Daley fight at Valley View?

    It should be a good fight. I think Nick Diaz is gonna take it.
  4. 1fastbean

    Lou Franco Condition?

    Lou took a nasty spill at San Felipe and I believe he was flown out. Anyone know how he's doing?
  5. 1fastbean

    2010 Baja 1000 In-Car Robby Gordon Anybody recognize the RM's??? He seems conservative at the beginning but typical Robby opens her up at the end.\m/
  6. 1fastbean

    Stewart's Raceworks Captor

    Stewart's Raceworks posted their latest creation on Facebook a Captor. What ever the price tag, worth every penny! I better check my lotto numbers from last night.
  7. 1fastbean

    West Coast Choppers Closing?

    So if it's true, does this mean that new badarse Geiser is not going to see baja anymore?
  8. 1fastbean

    Any Pics or video of this weekends CODE Tecate " Mexicana Logistics 300?"

    I couldn't make the race and was hoping some of you lucky dogs who did would share. It looked like it was gonna be an awesome turn out.
  9. 1fastbean

    Don't cross into Mexico with excessive firewood

    I headed south of the border on Friday afternoon for some weekend camping at Punta Banda (La Jolla Beach) but was sent to their secondary inspection. I anticipated they would question me about the pallets that I had in the back of my truck but I figured since all but one of them was rotted they...
  10. 1fastbean

    Crower Cams Car Show

    My former employer is having their 2nd annual car show this coming Saturday the 10th. Last years show had a pretty good turn out and they even fired up one of the old nostalgic dragsters. Gotta love the smell of nitro in the morning!!!
  11. 1fastbean is Alive and Well

    It seems is not shutting down as previously thought. Publish date: Dec 18, 2009 By: Josh Burns Source: Dirt Sports Contrary to any rumors circulating in the industry, is not shutting down at the end of this year. In fact, the site will continue operating in...
  12. 1fastbean

    A few pictures from the NHRA nationals in Vegas.

    Just wanted to share some pics of the NHRA Las Vegas Nationals from this past weekend. Desert racing will always be my favorite wheel sport but there's something about the power and speed of these things that makes me go back for more.
  13. 1fastbean

    What happened to Max Razzo?

    Any veteran members out there know what happened to class 5 racer Max Razzo? My dad and I were going over some old baja pictures when we found this picture of Max my dad took of him about to leave the starting line at 1986 baja 500. I not only remember how fast his car was but how fresh Max was...
  14. 1fastbean

    Stopped by WCC

    I was in San Pedro and had to stop in the LBC for a bite a Cisco Burger. Oh yeah, and check out West Coast Choppers. The 8 into 1 exhaust was bad arse!!!
  15. 1fastbean

    Why Geiser?

    I can't help but notice Geiser Bros. being the more popular fabricating and design company here on RDC. I don't think there's a day that goes by without someone writing about how they wish they had a Geiser when there are so many other great fab and design companies out there. What is it about...
  16. 1fastbean

    Johnny Campbell on D2G

    Anybody know the location of the beach or beaches where he was battling Andy? Have we seen the end of awesome battles like that with scores black box rule?:mad:
  17. 1fastbean

    Classified issue

    I was editing an ad on the classified section and think I accidently sent two ads. I was trying to edit pictures when it was accidentlly sent. I just want to submit the ad with the pictures. OOPS:eek:
  18. 1fastbean

    Anybody used to ride at palm ave?

    I was hoping to get some stories of what used to be one of the most popular riding areas in San Diego County until it succumbed to development. For those of you that don't know where Palm ave was it was located off the 805, palm ave exit south of Chula Vista. I could name a ton famous riders...
  19. 1fastbean

    Radio Frequencies for Baja 500

    I'm heading down to the 500 but wanted get closer to the action by listening in on my radio scanner(don't have a CB). Already have weatherman and BFG relay but was hoping to get some race teams, doesn't have to be trophy truck or class 1. I did a search and found some great frequencies but the...