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  1. rustyb

    Need lodging in Loreto for NORRA?

    I just canceled 5 rooms at Hotel Miramar (on Expedia) if anyone needs rooms.
  2. rustyb

    NORRA roll charts

    I thought I might actually try the roll charts this year, but I have a question about the size. The ones they gave us 2 years ago were the standard 2 inch size but what I got last year is 5-1/2 inches wide. I've not seen a route chart holder in this size, and it'd be too big for the bars...
  3. rustyb

    Question for Mag 7 about moto "splash" pits at NORRA

    Last year someone from Mag 7 was on here so I thought I'd ask on the forum. Last year (I only made it halfway through day 3) at several of the splash pits I was told that I was only supposed to be given a gallon or 2., though they did end up filling my tank. I would not have made it with only...
  4. rustyb

    Tracker for NORRA 2019

    Has anyone heard if we're using Stella again or something else next year? Just starting to think about instrument layout.
  5. rustyb

    Just canceled house at Quintas Papagayo in Ensenada

    I just canceled a 3-bedroom cottage at Quintas Papagoya in Ensenada for Nov 14-17. Good secure hotel just north of town. Call them at 52 (646) 1744575 if you need a place (canceled it on Expedia so may take a few minutes for them to see the vacancy).
  6. rustyb

    Advice for first-timer at Vegas-to-Reno

    Doing V2R (amateur quad) for the first time this year, looking for any advice from people who have done it. On someone else's team, so not so much machine prep, but anything at all that might be helpful; what to expect from the course, pitting tips, signup, whatever. Have done multiple 500s...
  7. rustyb

    Construction south of Santo Thomas

    There is a bunch of road construction on Highway 1 starting in Santo Thomas heading south. Big delays both north and southbound, plan your chasing accordingly. If you think you're going to beat a rider/driver from Uruapan or Santo Thomas to Erendira, think again.......
  8. rustyb

    NORRA tourist cards

    Excuse my paranoia but I'm just the nervous type. :confused: From NORRA: Please make sure that everyone in your party has passports or passport cards. Everyone transitioning from Baja Norte to Baja Sur will also need tourist visas, which can be processed at NORRA registration. Does anyone know...
  9. rustyb

    Norra BOLA rooms?

    Has anyone heard anything about Bay of LA rooms for NORRA? Website says they bought all rooms in town, are doling out rooms to entrants. I've been emailing them without any response. I'm a codriver on a 1600 team, driver didn't check when he signed up, I'm hoping there might be something left...
  10. rustyb

    Turned back at Tecate today for too many spare tires

    Tried to cross at Tecate this afternoon with 2 quads and about 10 spare wheels and tires. Was told I could only take 1 spare with each quad, and if I wanted to pay import duty and bring them in I would have to come back Monday when the right official was there. I was escorted to the front of...
  11. rustyb

    Need a sportsman quad racer for the Baja 1000

    Need a sportsman quad racer for the 1000 Nov 13th. Will be on a Bombardier DS650 set up similarly to my other one that finished second in class in the 2012 peninsula run. I have a fair amount of spare parts and a complete spare quad. Your share of entry fee, pit service fee, and sat phone...
  12. rustyb


    Does anyone have any experience with these? I'm thinking of using them for the 1000 (stock-engined DS 650). Mostly I'm concerned with the effects of the weight (I haven't been able to find it but it's gotta be a lot). Also if they really do run flat better than a Rzr ll, which I've always...
  13. rustyb

    Need a sportsman quad rider for the 500

    Looking for a 4th sportsman quad racer for the 500 on blakjak619's 700xx. Email me at for details.
  14. rustyb


    Hey all, I will be prerunning RM 36 (Ojos) to 74 (Hwy 3) and then 772 (Valle T) to 798 (Hwy 3) at a leisurely pace on Monday if anyone cares to join me. I will have room on the trailer (from Ensenada) for one quad or two bikes. Could switch it to Tuesday if someone’s interested who can’t make...
  15. rustyb

    Place to leave vehicle between Ojos and Valle T while prerunning

    Looking for someplace safe to park my van & trailer between Ojos and Valle T while prerunning Monday. I was thinking of the gas station by the military checkpoint at Ojos or the gas station in Valle T, and offering to pay them to watch it. Anybody think it’s a good or bad idea, or have any...
  16. rustyb

    Need Sportsman Quad teammates for the Baja1000

    Looking for Sportsman Quad teammates for the 1000 on Nov 14 on my DS650, which finished the 500 and 1000 (2nd place) last year. You don’t have to be super fast, just have some sort of race experience and be reliable and trustworthy. Your projected share of the entry, tracker fee, and sat phone...
  17. rustyb

    2014 Rzr Giveaway

    Anybody know what's up with the contest? Have they drawn the winners? Can't find anything about it, need to know if I need to sell a kidney or not.
  18. rustyb

    Looking for buggy that gave 66A a camelbak bladder at around RM203

    That was extremely generous of you and it made all the difference in the world. Please respond here, or e-mail to, or call me at 303 905-4435 so that I may buy you a new one. Thanks. --Rusty
  19. rustyb

    A couple SCORE questions for anyone who raced San Felipe

    In the past, all that was checked at tech (quad) was helmets, taillight function, and that you had a first-aid kit. Anything new with the new SCORE? I've paid $80 for the transponder from SCORE--what does that require as far as mounting, power, etc? What did it cost for the tracker or...
  20. rustyb

    Need a Sportsman Quad rider for the 500

    Looking for a fourth racer for the 500 on my DS 650 that finished the 500 and the 1000 last year (2nd quad sportsman in the 1000). Your share of fees about $500. E-mail me at or PM me if interested. --Rusty Batza