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  1. oneleglance

    My Team is out, Who needs free chase help??

    Howdy All, I have been chasing for Kaysinger and Andrew Norton 69 Stroppe Bronco off and on for a few years so I know NORRA, know how to put together chase books, logistics (refuel, driver changes, repairs), mechanical work and along with being an ICU RN I am fluent in spanish. (Our chase books...
  2. oneleglance

    Need help with Stock class runs

    So I read the Stock class rules and have some questions.... The idea is to take a 2017 midsize truck and do the bare min to race in the 1000 this fall, will also do some SCCA Rallies, NORRA and a few other events. Pure fun, not trying to set records :) Roll cage of course, with harness tabs...
  3. oneleglance

    After the 2016 NORRA Mexican 1000 thoughts thread

    Team Kaysinger is making it's way back from another great NORRA event with our Bronco and last night here in Loreto we got to talking about how the event went and all that fun stuff. What is everyone else's thoughts on this years NORRA Mex 1k??? Here are my thoughts to get things going: -Live...
  4. oneleglance

    Understanding NORRA Rally Timing

    Since we have Darren active in this forum I figured I would ask some questions that will help me (and maybe others) understand how NORRA arrived at the times for each stage. I looked over my notes from the Rally/Navigator meeting but that doesn't mean I understood it correctly then when I was...
  5. oneleglance

    The Aftermath...thoughts on 2015 NORRA Mexican 1000

    So about to head home in the morning from San Jose del Cabo after a crazy time. Looking to hear from folks on what they liked and what could be better for us vintage folks. This way by the time I get home this thread will be hot...and I can add some comments.