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  1. PeteRock

    2020 Baja 1000

    As long as 1 car is stuck and no one can drive around them, you have a bottleneck, does not matter what mile, there have been races in recent past where race cars timed out waiting in line for their turn to go up a hill in a bottleneck more than halfway through the race.
  2. PeteRock

    2020 Baja 1000

    We headed down to San Felipe Thursday night, Friday morning ran from 540- 610, first wash is heavy, a couple of choke points for possible bottlenecks, then Matomi wash is typical, but fast past the choke point, lots of rocks and awesome scenery. Saturday morning we started at RM 440 and went to...
  3. PeteRock

    2020 Baja 1000

    Like the Summit but worse and longer, and makes you wish you were driving the summit instead.
  4. PeteRock

    2020 SCORE Baja 500 Live Video, Weatherman, Tracking, Updates

    Think that was the Herbst truck reeling in Robby. There were a few spots I have seen RG miss corners or get off course, maybe co-driver was sleeping? Also seems like RG was running a super conservative pace, not his normal race corner to corner speeds we are all used to seeing.
  5. PeteRock

    Tire Inflation/Deflation - Is it Legal in BITD/SCORE ?

    That was Mark Miller.
  6. PeteRock

    Which race is most fun to drive?

    Baja 1000 section from San Felipe-Cocos- BoLA- El Arco- Viscaino. At night, in the day, rain or fog this section so much fun to drive.
  7. PeteRock


    Also need to point out that a UTV in full race trim to compete with class 10 will cost just as much or will be more expensive than a class 10. And anyone who says a 30k stock UTV can compete with class 10's is making a gross understatement. Point is why people compare UTV's to other classes, and...
  8. PeteRock

    Class 10 only

    Such as bad ass car!
  9. PeteRock

    Class 10 only

    I figured the old Jimco style arms were phased out by all builders little by little, Jimco, Chenoweth, Alumicraft, and replaced by the now typical A-arm suspension. Those old single seat Jimcos are still some of my favorite cars. Probably mostly nostalgia, especially with the the scat engines.
  10. PeteRock

    Class 10 only

    Alright a long standing comparison I have seen, but would like to hear it from those who were behind the wheel and can give first hand accounts. Which Jimco car is better, faster, more stable, and more comfortable? Over the years the two versions of class 10 seem to be fast, and dominate over...
  11. PeteRock

    2020 BAJA 500

    Or why not mix it up, since 2020 seems to be the year where everything we know and are used to get shot right out the window in spectacular fashion. A 2 lap Baja 500?? Would make it easier for chase teams and spectators alike. Think it was 1999 Baja 1000 was a two lap race, why no do it again!
  12. PeteRock

    Post your favorite photo from Baja!

    A few more of my faves.
  13. PeteRock

    Post your favorite photo from Baja!

    Some of the many that stand out in my collection. Too many Favorites to choose from. All this does is make me want to go to Baja.
  14. PeteRock

    On Topic What happened to the Baja 2000???

    It was such a tough race, that even a helicopter crashed one morning near Santa Rosalita?? I was lucky enough to race with the winning 5-1600 team, did two sections both of them at night. The silt near Catavnina was absolutely legendary. The canyon was full of stuck race cars of every class...
  15. PeteRock

    PISTOL PETES WRECKED tt spec (crashed by dead beats who wont pay)

    Its funny all these people say 4130 does not bends and breaks, well how do you think roll cages are made? By bending 4130. So its very very likely in a crash where the roll cage makes contact with the ground, there could be deformation of the tube without cracks or breaks, especially if its over...
  16. PeteRock

    Why aren't there more mid-engine buggies/open-wheel cars?

    For the young whipper snappers out there, in the late 90s there were tons of mid-engine cars running around, class 1 and 10. At the time they just did not handle the rough stuff right. Mind you these cars were coming out of many leading buggy builders. The fad just faded out, maybe now there has...
  17. PeteRock

    2020 Chismes

    So with many race seasons ending for the year, and the looming 2020 season right around the corner what are the latest and greatest confirmed rumors for next year? Jessie Jones Mason awd TT went to Dan Mcmillin Jessie Jones getting new awd TT Team C Mason truck/trucks went toMenzies? Menzies...
  18. PeteRock

    Why does barely anyone have a winch on their race car?

    There are a lot of naysayers on here! Race is not over until you miss a check point or the finish line closes. Especially on the Peninsula runs, there are some very remote spots on the course out of radio comms and cell service. The ability to self-extract, not only in terms of finishing the...
  19. PeteRock

    New Bronco @ this years Baja Mil with Cameron Steele.

    That is super LAME! Unfortunately that is what this sport has slowly turned into. Sponsors care more about likes and followers than actual results. Seems as if the majority of teams are more and more about marketing than actually racing. We have been joking about this term, that has become a...
  20. PeteRock

    T1 king of the hammers , who is racing?

    Will Nasser be there? LOL Menzies? McMillins?