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  1. ColeA

    2018 Livery Wrap reveals

    I wanted to start this thread to build some hype up for LOORRS RD 1 next week. What does everyones cars look like for this year? are they different or are they same? post up some pictures and let us all see! Here is ours at Brandon Arthur Racings new design for the year. Same sponsor, new...
  2. ColeA

    Brandon Arthur Prepares for LOORRS RD 1

    What does it take to prepare for the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series? Here are two different approaches on how Brandon Arthur Prepares. Unfortunately round 1 was cancelled due to rain, but that just means we will be that much more prepared come april.
  3. ColeA

    HRTMotorsports F100 Take 2

    Over the past couple weeks we started a new 1972 Ford F100 build. Some of you might have seen it around instagram, but now its time to show the RDC world. Here is the beginning stages from receiving the cab to cutting it up then, install some simple cab tubes. (the fitment is amazing).
  4. ColeA

    Prolites at TORC crandon cup

    Who's planning on racing the challenge cup in crandon Labor Day weekend?( I know it's far but never too early to get a head count) Also looking to contact the TORC technical director about seeing if some of the LOORRS engine rules would be legal. If anyone has this information would be greatly...
  5. ColeA

    GOPro Tethering systems

    With everyone losing GoPros while racing ( including me) got me wondering on what kind of tethering system everyone uses that works. And also mounting systems? I think if someone shares something that works that we can all save us time, money and frustration on losing cameras that got that...
  6. ColeA

    Throwback Thursday

    saw the wheelie wednesday thread and wondered why no throwback thread too look back on old times.
  7. ColeA

    2015 sx Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  8. ColeA

    Andrews-Morotorsports Prepares for 2014

    Here is a video as I prepare for my first race, in a truck my dad has raced for years, at Battle at Primm in class 2000. Enjoy
  9. ColeA

    Brandon Arthur went for a wild ride

    Brandon Arthur and Brian Busby went for a wild ride this weekend at the snore/more race. Everyone walked away and is okay.
  10. ColeA

    Brandon Arthur on the podium again!!

    Congrates to the 16 year old Brandon Arthur for being on the podium two race in a row in 1400.
  11. ColeA

    warning guages

    i found these gauges that nascar uses. you can set up a warning temp and when it reaches that temp, you can set it so the fans will turn on. you can have multiple colors for differant guages. also it will warn you with the color you choose by blinking...
  12. ColeA

    shifter knobs

    does anyone have any cool shifter knobs for their race truck.
  13. ColeA

    mx vs atv alive

    whose getting it. preordered mine yesterday, should be here by next week after the snore race. also got the bubba compound for free with it for pre ordering. im getting it for ps3
  14. ColeA

    jimmie johnson commercial

    thaught this was cool. and
  15. ColeA

    grandturismo 5 vs need for speed hot pursuit

    which ones better to play. also which ones has more of a racing experience.
  16. ColeA


    does anyone have any old/cool posters ive got a few(the old herbst, rod hall, and both of th old pflueger truck) pics to come
  17. ColeA

    Dirt 2 or baja online PS3

    any body up for a race on any of these games??? on PS3 user name online: coledemo
  18. ColeA


    is anybody else designing a nascar??? the website is: click on the sponsfier link to the right...
  19. ColeA

    tk pics of speedworl az

    any body got tk pics??? manly 556 arthur yellow pait scheme
  20. ColeA

    revo 3.3+how much would it cost to build own

    Does any one have or had this rc car. if so then did any one have problems with it not staring for some reason:confused: how much would it cost to build a rc car what parts do u use????