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    up date class 9

    want to know how every one feels about doing some changes to the rules? what about IRS ? Brakes?
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    36 MM

    We borrowed (team 129) a 36 mm socket from a team in La Paz and want to make sure to return it to its owner. Will you please send me your address or phone # . Thank you so much for having one and letting us use it. We had to change a alternator 30 minutes before the first start of the day in...
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    I happen to know that the son of the great DON ROUNDTRE has his old a-arm car now . This is a call out to him to start posting his build for the 2013 NORRA race. Steve we want to see it(pictures) from start to finish. GOOD LUCK See you in May 2013 Dan
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    Who can stop "baja bob" this year

    Someone needs to step up to the plate . We can't let him be a 3 timer........sorry Bob its someone else turn... Good luck
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    One more time

    Here we go again. Last year I found my old Chenowth MAGNUM #1 in a box. Put it together and started the race and thats about as far as I made it. Well this year I found a 1985 DR2 picked it up over the christmas brake and its time to start work. Don't know a lot of her history so I'll try...
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    Hello, my name in Dan

    Class one (1971-1990) thinking about starting uo again
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    Chenowth Magum #1

    The BFG tire Magum was built in the fall of 1982, put together in 2 weeks for the first LV to Reno race. The frame was used as the jig car for all the after that time. Lynn gave the car to Cornwell to build. It had a bolt on beam on the front and bars in the rear, First ran it with Rough...