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    302 to 351 swap questions

    Looking to add some displacement to our truck....currently we are running a stock 302 and want to gain some displacement and power. Which parts are interchangeable? intake, heads, cam, brackets for accessories??? would a 347 be better than a 351? How about getting the 351 stroked? What...
  2. On The Edge Fabrication

    fuel cell placement

    I am back halfing a ranger and want feed back on where to place the fuel cell. On my current race truck the cell is behind the axel, but when it starts getting empty I can really feel it. So to combat this I was thinking to build a custom tank in the shape of a wedge that would go behind the...
  3. On The Edge Fabrication

    hello my name is 1481

    hey my name is Travis and i spent 3 years building my truck and now i race in the mdr. i run the number 1481. the truck is a ford ranger with a 5.0 in it. we did ok this season we had two second place finishes and we finished the season second in 1450 class.