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  1. tapped1069

    Question for minds????

    Got a 02' CR250 and just putt a top end on it. 2nd ride out I developed a "noise" in the bottom end. It kinda sounds like that little noise you hear if the kick starter is down a bit if the motor is running. Any info on if you have heard this before would be awesome. Don't want to just rip into...
  2. tapped1069

    Congrats CJ Hutchins

    Just wanted to say congratulations to CJ Hutchins on the overall and class 10 points championship in SNORE, also to TJ (Taco) Flores on class1 champ and (Silent)Jay Shain on class 16 championship.
  3. tapped1069

    Primm Starting positions

    When will the starting positions be posted For the SCORE Primm 300? And good luck to all racing the SNORE Midnite Special this weekend, see you out there!
  4. tapped1069

    SCORE Primm

    Does anyone know when the entry list will be up for the SCORE Primm 300? The one on the web site is from last year. How many 10's are racing?
  5. tapped1069

    Hello my name is tapped 1069

    Hey just following the rule so I can try to get started. Thanks