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  1. 310Kid

    Fast Aid Ribbon Stickers?

    Anyway that Ribbon stickers could be made? Donate money and receive stickers to support and help fund Fast-Aid even more!! I would be more than happy to put one on every vehicle i own and show my support and get it out there!!
  2. 310Kid

    Randomly Meeting People in the Off-Road Community

    So i started this Thread because some times you bump into people from the Off-Road community randomly. For example: About 1 year ago, I was getting a set of tires on my truck at the local Tire Shop. I was near my truck and a guy approached me and asked me a few questions about it. After a few...
  3. 310Kid

    Bj 500 2008 hd

    I came across this vid on, and i just got to say the HD is amazing. I watched the vid like 4 times straight. Its well put together and Im pretty sure most will enjoy it.:)
  4. 310Kid

    Helloo dezert peeps

    Hi, i am 19 and live next to the LAX runway which is horrible because of noise. I love off roading and have been in the sport since i was born. we race class 1 and class 12 in pretty much all off road leagues.