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  1. 7s ranger

    T1 king of the hammers , who is racing?

    So with the 1000 done now. Who is doing the Hammers T1 Toyo tires invitational this year? Who is going to Parker with the triple crown they are doing ? Did this draw trucks back to Parker? I want to know what race to go to?
  2. 7s ranger

    Mint rules hurt USA racers

    Wow, So I am not an owner, I work on two friends 6100 or spec TT . It has always been an ish with the Score engine rule and the BITD engine rule being different. If you race Score you can’t race BITD. If you race BITD you are under powered to the Score trucks. Now the Mint is making tier own...
  3. 7s ranger

    Why no Parker coverage and pictures like usual?

    The one year I can’t make Parker and there is no coverage on here! What gives?
  4. 7s ranger

    79 Chevy suspension?

    Hello, I recently picked up a 79 c20 to build with my son. His daily driver. Just trying to find info on how the did the suspension back in the day? Stock lower arm? What coil springs used to get the height to fun a 33”. Shackle flip in rear? Leaf springs used? Any information would be very...
  5. 7s ranger

    Jeepspeed at Mint?

    Has the Mint Always been 2 laps for you guys? IN 7100 we do 3 and you guys are just as fast. Im just curious. I have been thinking of moving to jeepspeed because 7100 is no more as far as i can tell. none at parker, 2 at Mint just because its the Mint. iv been looking at a 97 4 door cherokee . i...
  6. 7s ranger

    NO Mac's at Parker?

    I dont see Rob Mac , Or Andy registered for Parker?! Odd not to see Rob at Parker. I know Andy took a year off last year. Is that being extended or is he just doing Score? Can't wait to watch this race! I love parker! Racing or watching
  7. 7s ranger

    Where are the smaller classes racing 2014? 7sx?

    With Norman dropping HDRA ( messed up) and BITD changing some class rules! Are people going to go back to SNORE? And race ? Or are people going to make changes to meet BITD new rule ,but not fit SNORE Or Score?! Wondering what to do with my truck I spent lots of time and money to build! Part...
  8. 7s ranger

    mini metal

    Hi my name is Steve, I have been a member for a while and just found out about the mini metal forum. I race a ford ranger #7122 in BITD but would like to be able to see where a majority of the 7100 s are racing for 2013 as to have a larger field to race with. I was told i need to ask to be...
  9. 7s ranger

    7100's to race Parker 425?

    I am intending to race the Parker 425 the first week end in Feb. we will have a brand new 6100 at the race and we wanted to run both trucks. But in the last few years there has not been a turn out at all in 7100 for this race. The Mint last year had 7 of us. is any one racing Parker ? It is a...
  10. 7s ranger

    where r the 7100's racing in 2013?

    I am getting ready to take my truck out again and race. Last year there were 0 7100's at the Parker 425! So where will the rest of you guys be? Snore Hdra? just want to know where to race next year with a group of trucks in my class.
  11. 7s ranger

    Mint 400 pics?

    ANyone get any pictures of my truck at the mint 400. Truck 7122. Was my first Mint race and second race ever. any pictures would be great. Thank you.
  12. 7s ranger

    7sx 2012 who is racing what?

    As this season is coming to a close i wanted to see who plans to race where. I am thinking of going with the new HDRA for next season and see how it goes! don't know who or how many 7sx are looking to stay with SNORE but it looks to me to be a mess right now. I thought at the start of the...
  13. 7s ranger

    Snore class 7s rules

    hello all, i have been to this site numerous times since it started but just decided to join up. i finished building my 7100 ranger and raced the Parker 425 and broke out. there were only 2 other 7100 trucks there and i have noticed that there is a good showing at the Snore races. My...
  14. 7s ranger

    Snore class 7s rules

    Any one know if Snore is planning to modify their 7s rules to allow a BITD 7100 or Score 7sx race. Their 7s rule does not allow a 4.0 liter like in BITD and Score. When i e-mailed the tech for Snore he told me to run 7 open. I would get killed in an open class like that running 500 hp ex nascar...
  15. 7s ranger


    Hello all, I started going to desert races with one of my best friends from school. He had a neighbor who was a medic for score back in the late 80's. So he got to go to some of the races and then introduced me to it. That was it for me, one race and i was hooked. He built a truck and we raced...