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  1. glamiskid395

    Lost at Vegas 250 thread...

    First off, I found a tire while walking from and to my broke truck. If you can describe it to me thru a pm we can find a way to get it back to you. (Between RM 18-30. )
  2. glamiskid395

    4 link anti wobble?

    Looking for how to do the anti wobble link that goes between the lower link and lower link arm... I've seen it done but want to know the exact way to do it. I don't have mounts wide enough for an anti wobble uniball. Thanks Mike fox
  3. glamiskid395

    PCI COM6 wiring speaker out

    Hey guys, Im trying to wire in a audio cable from the com6 intercom to a Raceoptics camera. the camera takes a 2.5mm audio jack. i want to be able to pick up all the radio talk between driver and codriver and pits to vehicle. can anyone help? Thanks Mike
  4. glamiskid395

    anybody with chevy 5500 truck or RV?

    I have a C class motorhome with a Chevy 5500 gas chassis under it. before GM stopped making them. i'm pretty sure its overloaded right now, the GAWR is 13,500lbs and the GVWR is 19,500lbs. the problem i have is it rocks way to much, any little dip or bump and the whole chassis wants to tip...
  5. glamiskid395

    Baja Mike's Hot Summer Nights

    over 400 pictures from Last Night, August 27, 2011. im only going to post a few on here. if you have a truck i took a picture of, i can put all the pictures of it on a CD and any others you want, just send me a PM. Samsung S860, 2GB card, 14 AA batteries. my First time trying action shots...
  6. glamiskid395

    reputable computer tuner?

    Hey fellas After the MORE Night race this weekend, i'm looking for someone that can do a little computer tuning on my 1998 EFI 350. 'spider' injection. Right now, its all stock, with a mild smog legal cam. the spark plugs show that it's running quite lean, so i just want to let it run...
  7. glamiskid395

    Ice box, anybody use one?

    Thought about making one out of a small 6 pack cooler. Anybody else use one? And how did you make it? Dry ice? Ice cubes? Ice blocks? Let me know Thanks, Fox-1420
  8. glamiskid395

    Fuel cell and 4-link

    I am pretty sure this has been asked, but all the links that i found were for leaf'd trucks. my truck: 4-link- 30" travel 55.5" links eye-to-eye 16" C/O 18" bypass 141.5" wheelbase 88" rear trackwidth 92" front trackwidth 5200lbs race ready fuel cell is 41.5 gallons dual spares 105...
  9. glamiskid395

    coiled wire for steering wheel buttons?

    Hey fellas im looking for the coiled wire that ive seen on TTs and such so i can use PTT and the horn buttons on the steering wheel. i was going to use cell phone cords but those only have 2 wires and i dont want to use 2 cords. Thanks Mike
  10. glamiskid395

    Is a scratched shock shaft repairable?

    hey Fellas. i am rebuilding my rear bypasses and the one shaft is a couple dings/scratches from something, im not sure what. this is towards the top of the shaft this is towards the bottom, both are in line of eachother, im thinking they came that way, but not sure. ive noticed they were...
  11. glamiskid395

    Parker 425... what to expect

    Hey guys/gals, I am going to be helping out with a class 9 car this race, and other BITD races. What should I expect, I have never been to a BITD race. I just want to be well prepared. Thanks
  12. glamiskid395

    Lost at M.O.R.E race?

    i lost a flat tire at RM 24. walker evans beadlock, 35x15 general grabber at2 with a slash in the sidewall. if you picked it up, please let me know. thanks Mike-1420 and if you lost something, post up what it was, and someone probably found it.\m/
  13. glamiskid395

    full underbody mud flap...

    Hey fellas! i have the material for the mudflap, 1/4 gasket making rubber.. For mounting it, i was thinking of just using a piece of angle iron and bolting the material to one side and bolting the angle iron to the frame. Will this work okay? or is there a better way of doing it? it will...
  14. glamiskid395

    change rear shock location with stock leafs?

    i bought a 2500 GMC long bed recently, it has long travel up front and stock leafs in the rear with 5150 bilsteins. friday night, the left rear shock mount tore where the shock bolts to the mount. it has 37" tires, a 37" spare on the tire gate. the rack weighs around 150lbs. i was wondering...
  15. glamiskid395

    *LOST* Ez-lift at Powder Puff

    i lost my ez-lift hitch on the chase roads between main pits and mile 11 somewhere. if you came across it, please let me know! also, this is a long shot, but the siren fell off my race truck, anybody find it? Thanks, Mike
  16. glamiskid395

    hook up GoPro to intercom...

    how can i do that? i am going to be running a gopro at the powderpuff and thought it would be funny to have it hooked into the intercom and listen to the 2 girls talkin and screamin'.. tell me how its done. thanks, Mike
  17. glamiskid395

    looking for R3 or R3 rage for powderpuff

    I know this is a longshot, but I am looking for a R3 for my sister to wear, mine is way to big for her, if you have a small or extra small and don't need it on the weekend of october 9 please PM me with your number and I will contact you. She will be racing in a black truck with bright neon...
  18. glamiskid395

    delphi fuel pump question

    ok guys, 2 days before i am going to go test, i drain the fuel, get 22 gallons out but the tank is a 41.5 gallon, so i take the cover off the cell and pull the pumps out, they sit about 4-5 inches above the bottom of the cell with a hose that is supposed to reach to the bottom, but the hoses off...
  19. glamiskid395

    double sheering D44 spindle...

    well its about time i should double sheer my spindles, but i dont have a tig machine anymore, nor do i feel i have the skills enough to do it. would i be able to MIG to the stock ford D44 spindle? and..are there any pics of how i should go about double sheering them? im justing using the heim...
  20. glamiskid395

    can i MIG weld 3/8 plate?

    im going to be strengthening my radious arms by making the top and bottom plate out of 3/8" instead of 3/16" plate. (i got the idea from camburgs f-150 radious arm, or are those 5/16") will i be able to do this with a MIG welder? if so, how much do i need to turn the volts up? welder is a...