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  1. mounty71

    Explorer pre runner build questions.

    That’s why I wouldn’t build any 4-door SUV again. My original plan was to keep it simple many years ago, but we all know how sticking to an original build plan goes. Against my better judgement, I’m starting on a rear 3-link on mine pretty soon, so clearly I don’t listen to my own advice.
  2. mounty71

    Explorer pre runner build questions.

    I’ve been building my 2000 5.0 4-door up over the last 10+ years, and I would not recommend building one of these unless you keep it simple on small tires. The rear doors present challenges with clearing larger tires and getting significant up travel, and the rear frame rails are right where...
  3. mounty71

    Fab Unlimited's 1400 Truck Build

    Congrats on the win, your bike turned out awesome, just like the race truck!
  4. mounty71

    July 2011 RDC Monthly Giveaway

    Google maps sighting! Does that count?
  5. mounty71

    4x4 ibeams

    You would be able to find all the info you'd need on a 5.0 swap from I'm no expert on this subject, but this is what i've have read on that forum. Everyone would probably tell you a 5.0 out of an explorer/mountaineer would be the best choice. I've heard that that was the...
  6. mounty71

    4x4 ibeams

    And that $650 was for two axles? Or just one? Turns out i most likely won't be needing axles after all, but thanks for the info.
  7. mounty71

    4x4 ibeams

    Wow after reading through this whole thread, i have learned so much about ttb suspensions and the options there are for improving travel numbers. One question i have though is, back on page 6 or 7 i think, SteveG asked about using a D44 stock half shaft on the passenger side for extended beams...
  8. mounty71

    Hello, my name is Matt...

    Hey all, My name's Matt. I currently have a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer which is an awesome truck, and it's listed for sale in the classifieds forum. I'm a fan of both prerunning and 4wheeling, so i hope to be getting a 1st gen. Ford explorer 4x4 soon to replace the mountaineer, seems like the...