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  1. CREW CHIEF_507

    Pole position firday after qualifying

    KALGARD AND P2R team up and will be doing a special race day @ POLE POSITION RACEWAY in Corona Friday August 7th 5-11pm For those of u that will be Qualifying for LUCAS RACE we will be there untill 11pm so come on down and have some fun! There will also be a pro Race about 9:30 Food Drinks &...
  2. CREW CHIEF_507

    some video clips in our newline mod hope u like
  3. CREW CHIEF_507

    trophy kart 450 mod rental for lucas

    when we get our new car from newline our tk 450 mod will be open to anyone who is interested ???'s email me for details
  4. CREW CHIEF_507

    Short Course racers

    For anyone who has had questions about our product and using our product, here are videos by kyle lewis explainging how to use the product and a little bit about the product. just click on the link, then after watching the video you can click on...
  5. CREW CHIEF_507

    race dezert?

    pdaily why do you keep moving my post man.. seriously who even knew there was a weather section on here. eat your weaties man and sit back in your chair:D
  6. CREW CHIEF_507

    snowing at camp kalgard

    heres a few photos as of right now
  7. CREW CHIEF_507

    video clips from TORC @ perris

    YouTube - pro 4 part 1 clip 1 YouTube - pro 4 part 2 clip 2 YouTube - pro 4 part 3 clip 3 some crappy quality of Kyle Leduc @ perris sorry for the audio you tube did not allow me to use my music. hope you like it was a great race.
  8. CREW CHIEF_507

    Trenton Briley @ primm

    here is a snip of turn 1 at primm for the tk's. My personal opionon on the track is that it is way to small and barley any room for passing. it takes us 30 seconds to get around the track, so i hope all you tk's are ready for a 2 min heat and a 4 min main. also Lee told me that all the...
  9. CREW CHIEF_507

    hello my name is twink

    hello everybody my name is twink, im the crew chief for trenton briley driver of the # 507 sxs stadium kart, were currently undefeated in the 09 sxs series and plan to dominate in 09 weather sxs or lorr, see you guys at the track