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    Make Your Picks

    Make your picks for the Lucas Series at! Time is running out and make sure to see the new additions to Unlimited 4 in addition to the LeDucs! Picks close soon - pick for both days - Saturday and Sunday! Good Luck to all!
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    Fantasy Picks Now Available!

    Fantasy picks for the Lucas Oil Series (Rounds 7 & 8) are now LIVE! Get in and make your picks before the deadline! Do your homework as well - The Lucas website has been posting qualifying lap times well in advance of picks being due.... so, go from your gut instinct or go with the qual...
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    Hansens Partners with TORC!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Corona, Calif. (July 7, 2009) - Hansen Beverage Company (HANS) announced today that it has partnered with promoters Ricky Johnson and Mitch Covington in an off-road racing series known as The Traxxas TORC...
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    Registration Lists are In Lucas Oil 5 & 6- Change your picks!

    Pick lists are changed based upon registration as of close on Friday Night (6/26/2009) in Lake Elsinore! Major changes in MANY CLASSES -- Kyle LeDuc balls up Unlimited Lite truck as has to withdraw... Just FYI - Make your changes before picks close on Saturday! Good Luck...
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    Lucas Oil Rounds 5 & 6 Picks are Live!

    Fantasy Picks for the Lucas Oil Series Rounds 5 & 6 are now LIVE! We have added a few drivers based on 'rumor'/'hear-say' and an Energy Drink deal... These drivers have NOT been confirmed...however, added to the list (in case of late registration). Be sure to pick all classes - both days...
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    Baja 500 "Official" Fantasy Results

    As SCORE has posted their "Official" Results - Fantasy "Official" results have been posted as well! The Top 10 are: Rank User Baja 500 Total Points 1. AZ1600 435 2. Andre the Giant 428 3. cancholaJR 425 4. hopkins484 422 5. Kirk_Babbington 419 6. pin800 417 7. gunnslinger...
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    Baja 500 Racer List Updated!

    Per SCORE, the Fantasy Class Pick Lists have been updated: The following have been added per SCOREs press release yesterday! Make or edit your picks before June 5th! Trophy Truck - Scott Steinberger Class 1 - Ron Brandt Class 1/2 1600 - Ray Files, Kevin Walsh Class 5 - Carlos Albanez...
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    Fantasy Picks for BAJA 500 Now Available!

    Time to make your FANTASY picks for the Baja 500!! Here is how it works: Pick your top 3 drivers in the 9 classes listed - and they will earn you points based upon their finish. Free to play and a Killer Prize package to win! So, not only do you get...
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    Pistol Pete has New Sponsor!

    Fantasy Off Road Racing is now the Title Sponsor for Pistol Pete in the Baja 500, 1000 and all of the SCORE Races and some of the BITD. We are excited to bridge our gap between Short Course and Desert Racing! Stay tuned for more info on full sponsorship details. Also, we will be...
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    Brett Favre Coming Back?!

    Brett Favre is coming back - or at least making an attempt to come back?! WTF! :eek: This is unreal! Come on Brett - walk away from the game. Didnt we just go through all of this about a decade ago with Michael Jordan? Retire - Come back -- Retire -- Comeback.... Emmit Smith - Should...
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    Kent Brascho - Unlimited 4 Driver now sponsored by Fantasy Off Road!

    Kent Brascho, driver in the Unlimited 4 in the Lucas Series is now sponsored by - Kent joints the Fantasy sponsored team of the following: Kent Brascho - Unlimited 4 Carey Hart - Unlimited 2 Chris Brandt - Unlimited Lite Chad Leising - Super Lite (We also...
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    Lucas Oil Saturday Results - Fantasy Standings

    Lucas Oil Saturday Results are posted with a link under the fantasy inside edge --- you can also get to them by going to (sorry - cant hyperlink here) -- and the Fantasy Point Standings are updated and posted! Slash01z is the point leader! Check it out and...
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    Full/FINAL Driver List posted for Lucas Rounds 3 & 4 in AZ

    The Full/FINAL driver list is now posted for the Lucas Series rounds 3 & 4! Time to make or modify those picks. There have had some who have dropped - and many who have added to the various classes... so, get in there and make/modify those picks. Also, be sure to read the Corry Weller...
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    Lucas Series Rounds 3&4 Driver List Updated!

    The current registered driver list and respective classes for rounds 3 & 4 are updated and available for picks and game play at Check out the new names added to the list. Final lists will be available tomorrow night (UTV reg. closes at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday - so...
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    Pistol Pete Dominates Pool Table

    After dominating the pool table at the TORR after party all night long ... Pistola, the self proclaimed pool champion took on Patrick Wagonbrener (Patrick Whalberg - Donny's BIG UGLY BROTHER) -- and killed him five (5) games to zero! Following the killing on the pool table, Pistolas truck...
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    Gaming is now LIVE! Make Your Picks

    Gaming is now LIVE! Make your picks for the Lucas Series Rounds 3 & 4 in Surprise, AZ. Driver lists will be updated from the races for those drivers who did not pre-register. Be sure to pick Rounds 3 & 4. There is a great prize package and game play is FREE! Game On!
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    Fantasy Picks set to go live for Short Course

    Fantasy picking is set to go live on Tuesday - April 28th, 2009 -- Are you ready?. Hoping to get a detailed list of UTV from the Lucas Series to put in to the database with all of the other classes...driver lists will be updated until the night before racing but the majority will be in there by...
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    Desert Champion "Ballistic" BJ Baldwin Read for Short Course Action with Lucas Oil

    Just released! Corona, California (April 24, 2009) - Two-Time SCORE Trophy-Truck Points Champion "Ballistic" BJ Baldwin will be making his 2009 short course off road racing debut with the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series in Surprise, Arizona on May 2nd. As the inaugural season off the Lucas Oil...
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    NBA Playoffs - Predictions:

    Despite all the talk out there about a Celtics repeat or even some of the others going deep into the playoffs - here is the Fantasy Prediction: Finals: Cavs vs Lakers.... Too early to call the winner just yet. King James is hungry for the 1st (Just like MJ was in Chicago) but Kobe and Phil...
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    Buffalo Theory: Post your favorite!

    Let me preface this theory by stating it was originally formulated on Cheers. The buffalo theory revolves around the idea that when Buffalo travel in herds - they put all their weak, sick and dying on the outside of the herd. This way, when the heard is attached - the strength of the heard is...