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    Would you do it ?

    itll takes months to pre-run that much course.. would take probably a year of no racing just to prep and be able to afford that race.. Something like Barstow to St. George utah would be cool.
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    wide 5 vs 5.5

    Building an IRS Front engine buggy/truck thing... not sure if im going to run 15in or 17in wheels.. Currently have wide 5 hubs from previous owner.. but beadlocks look like they are hard to come by these days... Whats everybody running?
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    If you love off road racing how are you not there?

    im not a rock crawling guy either... but the place is a spectacular.... Any thing you can think of is out there.. from rock crawler Datsun 270z's to Rock Buggy's to full blown trophy trucks/ lifted limo's, 6x6 military trucks.. And any desert you can think of all in one place... If you are a...
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    Toyo Desert Challenge Presented by Monster at KOH 2021 - More classes and settling some grudge matches

    isnt it the same course, but with alternate lines, so the buggy's and trucks dont have to go through the rocks??
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    New guy thread

    Appreciate that, I just reached out to them. Do you know of any others who offer other classes as well?
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    New guy thread

    Hey guys, My name is Travis Been a motocross guy for years, grew up going to Glamis driving 1000hp sandrails and racing moto. You know the saying.. with age comes a cage.. Been wanting to get into desert racing since i was 5 years old, now 20+ years later im financially able to start...