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  1. SanoDano

    Advice on running turbo/unlimited utv BITD

    Bad A$$ looking car........looks very much like a 10 car, just saying!!
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    Post your old race photos!

  3. SanoDano

    The ultimate off-road chase truck

    2011 Raptor Chase Truck Works great to get out on the coarse where needed and also as a pit truck. Typically I chase the whole race, doing pits and visuals.
  4. SanoDano

    Lowrance for Single Seat Class 10

    We run an HDS5 behind the steering wheel in our SS, same as we ran in the 12 car.
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    So is Dakar still a race?

    Slowed the bikes down also by limiting the amount of tires they can use for safety reasons.
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    Class 10 only

    Interesting commit! Wonder what rules the UTV's will be govern by? SCORE? Unlimited?
  7. SanoDano

    2020 Baja 1000

    As of last week, is the best its ever been! Recently graded!
  8. SanoDano

    Class 10 only

    Team 1006 will be racing the 500, car has been prepped since February!
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    Done! All of us off-roaders should give anything they can!
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    Show your new Baja 1000 paint/wrap

    Chris The Bronco look Bad Ass!!!
  11. SanoDano

    Show your new Baja 1000 paint/wrap

    The old girl got some new duds!
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    2017 Baja 1000 course 50th running

    Here you go.....Entry List – 50th Annual BFGoodrich Tires SCORE BAJA 1000 – SCORE Race Info
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    2014 SCORE Baja 500

    An expired Passport works just as well as one that's not expired to cross the border!
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    BAJA 1000 - Happening NOW

    2x Broke at RM 796....Weatherman
  15. SanoDano

    Laughlin Pics lets get it started!!!!!

    Thanks for the props! Stan will be there.....same team, different DOR
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    YOUR Best Motorports Photo ...

    A few of my favs.......the last one is a classic!
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    Touareg - Impressive 1st run in Baja

    Currently there are two TT Touaregs being built, should be done in time to race the 1000. I have been told that they will be powered by a turbo diesel with a "restricter plate".
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    how wide is a typical TT?

    As wide as the most narrow cattle gate in Baja!:D :D
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    Prerun Plans, Post Them Here

    Due to the fires and being told to evacuate, I'm now heading out on Monday, 29th or maybe Tuesday, following the same plan as above, returning on Sunday, Nov. 4th. After the past few days, I can't wait to get seems that the stress level go down a lot as soon as you hit...
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    Was heading to prerun this week.....Told to evacuate on Monday, fire is still five miles away. Loaded up the truck & trailer, ready to head to Qualcomm if needed, Got to have your priorities!