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  1. motorhead

    FORD C6 blowing fluid out torque convertor seal

    Hi guys, any ideas why my C6 transmission is burping fluid out the torque convertor seal? The breather on top of the bell housing doesn't appear plugged and the torque convertor seal is brand new. I did install a manual valve body conversion kit. My 2 theories are I installed the manual valve...
  2. motorhead

    Anyone willing to loan a bare Ford small block?

    I might be asking too much here but figured it couldn't hurt to ask. I'm looking for a 289 or 302 bare engine block. I'm wanting to make a CAD model with the use of a 3D scanner. I'm more than willing to work out a rental fee or colateral agreement. I have been looking on craiglist to buy one...
  3. motorhead

    Wheel Bearing Race - How much interference

    I'm designing a wheel hub for a 4500lb. 400hp, 37" tire prerunner. I need feedback on the amount of interference the hub bore will require. Based on the Force and Shrink Fit table by the American National Standard there are 5 classes of fit. At first glance a FN 2 or FN 3, having .0014"-.0037"...
  4. motorhead

    Importing Google SketchUp to SolidWorks

    Has anyone had luck with sycodes solidworks "add in" to import a google sketchup file to a solidworks file? I saw there is a free trial period, but was curious if anyone had used it before and if it worked as well as they suggest. Thanks link to sycodes web page...
  5. motorhead

    Upper Control Arm Pivot Point to Tire Clearance

    How close is too close? I'm working on a design in solidworks and have the clearance set at .5". Increasing this clearance will drastically effect the geometry I've spent the last few hours getting to a point I'm finally happy with. I've noticed most cars have a good inch or more clearance. I...
  6. motorhead

    Valve Spring Compressors

    What type and brand valve spring compressor works well, and is preferably under $100? I've used the kind that hooks onto the rocker, and becomes a pry bar, but was surprised how difficult it still was. I have been told the C type works better, but the heads must obviously be removed. I almost...
  7. motorhead

    Saginaw steering box models

    How many different configurations were there of the infamous saginaw steering box? I have one off a 78 Chevy C-10 silverwood I wanted to model in SolidWorks for future projects, but noticed the mounting flange seemed different from the one I had on my last truck. Is there a "common" mounting...
  8. motorhead

    Where to buy Electronic Components?

    I'm looking for a more "race car" or aerospace oriented electronic components distributor. In other words, something better than what you would find at your local autoparts store. I'm sure Kartek carries alot of what I'm looking for, but they are a little to far for me to drive every time I need...
  9. motorhead

    Ford 9" center section off set

    What was Fords reasoning for off setting the 3rd members on there 9" rear ends? I'm guessing it was to allow enough clearance between the driveshaft and fuel tank? Were there other reasons? Between the pinion offset and center section offset, theres is almost 6" of offset! Thanks - David
  10. motorhead

    Help selecting series of aluminum for a hub

    I'm researching what the best aluminum grade is for a off road wheel hub, while keeping in mind my specific application. I'm designing a hub to be used on a 3000-4000lb. limited vehicle, which should never see a tire dia larger than 35". The numbers lead me to believe 7075 in the T6 condition is...
  11. motorhead

    CNC programing training

    I'm looking to learn CNC programing, specifically Mastercam. Any recommendations where one might learn the skill? NTMA in Ontario is more than I can afford and City College in San Diego just isn't practical at this time. I would love to find a student copy with online training or books with...
  12. motorhead

    Where would you run a home built cart?

    I've done a little research and the closest I can find in Southern California is Buttonwillow race track up near bakersfield. Is there any where else in Southern California that I could test a home built 60-90 inch wheel base cart?
  13. motorhead

    No fuel injection?

    I was reading through the rule book on Lucas oil offroad website and on page 31 came across the rule, no fuel injection. I have looked at countless prolites, 2s and 4s and never realized none of them were fuel injected, I was too busy studying the suspension and chassis design. Has there been...
  14. motorhead

    Steering Ratio / Angle

    Is 12:1 the accepted steering ratio in a desert race car, or does it vary? What are the slowest and quickest ratios people are using. I have a Saginaw 12.5:1 in my truck right now and happy with the response but haven't driven much else in the dirt to compare it. Also what steering angle is...
  15. motorhead

    Hi, I'm David

    Hi, I've been visiting race-dezert reading countless threads for a couple years now and figure I might as well register. I just turned 22, working on a Mechanical Engineering degree at Palomar College with plans to transfer to Cal Poly Pomona. I have been welding and fabricating for roughly 6...