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  1. tedmales

    Yuma, AZ SC Truck Shootout 1-28-2012

    This will be a fun race. Hope to see some new faces, as well as the regular crew.
  2. tedmales

    Rock Crawler R/C Car

    In rock crawling, just like the rest of RC, going with the best you can afford will save you money and headaches in the long run. For a general basher I would look at an Axial Wraith. They are not cheap, but you generally get a lot of bang for the buck. They will crawl, but he can drive it...
  3. tedmales

    Slash 4x4 Trophy Truck.

    Its not done, but here is my start to a trophy truck. Slash 4x4 front end, slash rear, Summit transmission, and lots of misc cnc parts. I am not sure how I am going to finish it, maybe a cage and SC body, but I am also leaning towards a Axial Wraith plastic cage to end up with a sort of KOH rig.
  4. tedmales

    Yuma, AZ new Track layout-hours

    It really worked out well. Great layout, and much faster than before.
  5. tedmales

    Bank of america

    BofA lowered my Visa credit line from $35k to the balance of $10,580 and raise the interest to 28.99%. I was mad and was holding the bill to walk into the bank and see what they could do. The bill was 3 days late and they called. The guy offered to lower the interest to 4.1% and make it a 5...
  6. tedmales

    Yuma RDC

    Could be interesting
  7. tedmales

    SC 8 Electric Conversion Help cheap battery. They work great, and are not to expensive. 4s should give you lots of controlable power. Hobby city has decent chargers at a good price. The stuff they sell takes about a week to get here. Well worth...
  8. tedmales

    !!!WHAT is GOING On???

    I know they have a "** OOH LA LA**** OOH LA LA**** OOH LA LA**** OOH LA LA** list" setting that will make the person trying to get on have a bunch of errors. I am not saying that is whats happening, but it could happen. Wipe your cookies and try to log on without being logged in. If it goes...
  9. tedmales

    hot rod power tour

    Me and my dad did it 3 years in a row. Long haul gang. It was lots of fun. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
  10. tedmales

    rc public track in imperial valley

    go to google maps and cut and paste this 32.710769,-114.641443 that where the track is
  11. tedmales

    rc public track in imperial valley

    The guys from IV come to Yuma to run at our track.
  12. tedmales

    Awesome looking scale crawler RTR - The Axial SCX10 TR

    The scale crawler stuff is cool, but once you run a comp crawler you will wonder why you even bothered with the scaler. The comp crawlers do things that the scaler could not even think about. RC Crawling is the best time I have had in RC ever.
  13. tedmales

    RC Crawler noob (crazy Swede)..

    Yep I like my crawler. I have a Berg. Crawlers are great. I think they are going to be the next big thing.
  14. tedmales

    Official Bike Results Now up at SCORE website

    So your assumptions were wrong. Maybe Sal should have rented a huge 6x6 bus and taken every driver and rider out on the course. That way everyone could have stopped at every turn and he could have said yay or nay to every single line. Thats way there would be no confusion. OR, the drivers...
  15. tedmales

    Official Bike Results Now up at SCORE website

    Most people who saw that movie came away with the same idea. He cheated. Just because the rules were not specific, then as now too how far you can be away from the marked course, makes no difference. Its the perception. They glorified the fact that Jesus C took a line that no one else took...
  16. tedmales

    Official Bike Results Now up at SCORE website

    People have it out for Honda for lots of reasons. Maybe because a full lenth motion picture was made about this sport featuring JC ( Jesus Christ to the Honda fanboys) cutting the course. Twice. And all the while getting owned by its own B team.
  17. tedmales

    So Cal Divorce help

    UPDATE He talked to a few of the contractors who work for him ( he builds houses, right now he is building a house for some Prince from the middle east in Beverly Hills) and most of the people came up with the same name. They said this woman was a bulldog in court, and would make his wife...
  18. tedmales

    So Cal Divorce help

    I hooked them up. I guess I did my part. But they need someone to mediate. I was hoping it could be a lawyer.
  19. tedmales

    any help would be great. This hit my buddy like a ton of bricks and he is ready to give her...

    any help would be great. This hit my buddy like a ton of bricks and he is ready to give her everything just to get away. I dont mind that, but I dont want her coming back back for more.