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  1. tedmales

    Slash 4x4 Trophy Truck.

    Its not done, but here is my start to a trophy truck. Slash 4x4 front end, slash rear, Summit transmission, and lots of misc cnc parts. I am not sure how I am going to finish it, maybe a cage and SC body, but I am also leaning towards a Axial Wraith plastic cage to end up with a sort of KOH rig.
  2. tedmales

    So Cal Divorce help

    I have a buddy who came home from work today to find his wife had packed her stuff and moved out. She gave no warnings ( at least he did not catch them as most men don't ) and they both want it done. Anyone know a good lawyer in the Escondido area. They have agreed on the terms, and she want...
  3. tedmales

    Sold my car, how long should I worry about it

    I sold my Excursion today. I had it since it was new in 99. It only had about 16k miles total ( very low, but I never used it ) and even agreed to drive it 140 miles to meet the buyer half way. On the way there one of the tires had a lug fly off (damn super swampers). I showed the guy, and...
  4. tedmales

    Gas prices. Whats it going to take.

    This is the first thing I saw this morning: They hit an all time high and are predicted to keep going up. What do you think its going to take before there is some kind of backlash at the oil...
  5. tedmales

    vegas hotels

    I will be in Vegas for a wedding in early Feb, and want to know whats the best hotel for a non high roller like myself. I have looked at all the casinos and they all look the same to me on the net. I have been there for work, but always stayed at a regular hotel because its just easier for me...
  6. tedmales

    moving vehicle around shop/ go jacks

    I want a set of the jacks that clamp the wheels of a car so you can roll a car around the shop. I have the cheap ones, but want a good pro level set. Is there a tow truck guy or someone who can tell me of a good brand or a store online that sells quality go jacks.
  7. tedmales

    Rhino/ RZR axle shafts

    Can the shafts be sleeved for a wider axle instead of replaced. This is a topic me and a group of friends have been going over and I want some outside opinions. I know the common thing is to replace. But why not just cut and sleeve?
  8. tedmales

    2 post lift?????

    I have been looking to order a new 2 post lift for my shop. I have an autolifters 9k lift and went to order a new one and found out they had closed. Can anyone recomend another brand. I do not need a stealership quality lift because this is going to go in my backyard shop, but high quality with...
  9. tedmales

    rockford fosgate bd amps

    this one is for the stereo guys, i just installed 2 bd1001 amps in my excursion and i was wondering if there is a way to combine the 2 wired remotes for the punch bass to only use 1, i hate to have more things than needed. thanks ted
  10. tedmales


    where can i get dimple dies that will do more then 20g sheetmetal? i have looked around and they all seem to be rated for that? i would like to dimple a little thicker metal.
  11. tedmales

    in dash dvd/tv

    i have been out of the stereo scene for a long time, what is the best model of tv/dvd for the dash of my truck. i want one that plays the dvd, but would like to have the 5.1 sound, could add in a center channel. also i have seen that some of these make you turn on the emergency brake, then...
  12. tedmales

    silent scope for x box

    i love the full size game, but has anyone played the x box version. i want to buy the full size gun for it, but its $50 and the game is $40, and i do not want to spend almost $100 for a crappy game?
  13. tedmales

    busy week

    I would like to introduce the newest addition to my family. this is Paige Ann-lucille Males born on wed. feb 11 at 1:15 pm. This pic is her at one hour old. this is my first kid, and all I can say is WOW!!! thanks ted
  14. tedmales

    superduty/ excursion axles

    does anybody know the model of axle that are on the excursion/ superduty. i have asked, and gotten different answers, so i will ask the rdz readers, i need gears, but cannot find something. i would like at least 5.13. any leads would be great.
  15. tedmales

    car stereo sub box

    does anubody know where i can get a program to help design a sub box. i have looked all over the net and cannot find any pro level programs.
  16. tedmales

    flash memory

    i am looking to pick up some secure digital flash memory cards for my camera. are there any brands to look at or avoid. i have found "kingston" cards way cheap. are they any good. i know there are better brands, which ones are best
  17. tedmales

    how to make your import faster

    this is a top secret way that everyone gets thier rice burners to go fast. i hope everyone who wants a fast car reads this. How to get your Econobox into the 14's **A MUST READ** compliments of scc SCC Technical Assistance Program
  18. tedmales

    old new idea

    has anyone seen this before. i have been talking about this idea( chain drive) for a while and everyone says i am crazy. anybody have any info on this idea or design. did it work well?
  19. tedmales

    1.25 heim

    anybody have a line on some big heims. I need a pair of 1.25 heims with spacers and bung, and 4 uni balls, at least 1". Anybody know about what they should cost so i do not get raped. thanks ted
  20. tedmales

    beating a dead horse

    i have asked this a bunch of times but want one last opinion. I am looking at the the yzf 450 or the raptor. I do not plan on racing, but I have not seen fud in a while might do a team race for fun, but mostly want a fun bike. I am big( 6' 5" and closer to 400lbs then 300) what does everyone...