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    Help, my atv has been sitting too long

    oh wow, i had no idea there was an XC series near me(googled for the site). Yeah i'm definitely in!.
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    Help, my atv has been sitting too long

    I'm hoping someone has made this blunder before? Last time i put away my ATV with the intention of riding it in the next few weeks. Well long story short, got caught up building a muscle car and going to school and its been a year since i was out on it. Obviously the gas is bad, so i sure i'll...
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    Alaska Gold Rush?

    I've been off/on watching it and its better than i thought, but not very good IMO. It seems like in every episode they break something or run into a problem. Either way they don't seem to know a whole lot about what they're doing. As for the show, not sure but i'm kinda tired of all the exposure.
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    "Trophy Quads" / "Hybrids" compilation inside

    What shocks and A-arms are you using?? That seems like a lot of travel. I'd love to do a similar setup on my YFZ
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    mini stock

    I hope you can get one started. I'd love to have the mini-stock option available when i want to build a truck in a the next year or two.
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    any dates for 2011 norcal rallycross?

    Incase you happen to know: On the april 22-24, is it possible to just show up for the rallyx and not the "rally school"? That'd likely be the one i would attend since i've heard the PC events are really hard on the vehicles.
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    any dates for 2011 norcal rallycross?

    I can't seem to find anything for the upcoming year and i wanna atleast try to do 1 in 11'
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    chest protectors/roost guards

    What do you guys like? I'm in the market for a new one. I had a 661 pressure suit, but it wasnt that comfortable in the summer, seemed to restrict movement, and was a pita to take on/off. At the moment i'm kinda leaning towards the EVS Revo5
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    ebay long travel combos?

    Just trying to get some opinions on the ebay houser/elka suspension combos. I know these arent the best of the best shocks, but i'm wondering if they would work well for MX/XC/short course racing...
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    New ATV?

    wow, this thread is still going. well i kept my YFZ450 for now as they stopped the leaking issue.
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    whats your story?

    Luckly, i don't have one. I seem to get broke off more on my mountain bike then my atv.
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    Thanks from 869

    I had a similar experience that last weekend. I ended up only being out for practice with my ATV, but it was a great time.
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    Adult trophy karts

    wouldnt adult trophy karts be UTVs?? JMO.
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    Prarie City Short Course Race

    I can't wait to see that jeep. I saw still of it a few months back and couldn't believe someone had done a solid front axel short course truck...err jeep.
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    Prairie City Oct 10-11

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    Prairie City Oct 10-11

    I have a quick question, Is there an entrance for the prairie city races or do you enter through the park??
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    Cost to make stock UTV race ready

    well if thats sorta aimed at me, don't get me wrong i like UTVs and may even pick one up when finances/space allow. I just never guessed that it would be that expensive. Plus it seems that they're merging ATVs & UTVs
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    Cost to make stock UTV race ready

    I'm kinda wondering the same thing. I thought the whole idea was an inexpensive racing class, but the prices they're talking about are nuts.
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    New ATV?

    well i think the issue has finally been resolved. The shop took it back and kept it for 5 days and it didnt leak a drop. Then they were cool enough to drop it off at my house. So we'll see what happens, i've got it all setup and there is a small race this weekend.
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    Prairie City Oct 10-11

    Ill be there sunday w/ my atv. Not sure about saturday yet.