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    Looking for weld on nuts (shock boss)

    I'm looking for a threaded part like in the picture to use for the shock mounts on my buggy. It already has some on there but they are metric insted of the 1/2" I need. I would get some from that website but the longest they sell are 7/8"...
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    Will this tow vehicle cut it?

    Will this tow vehicle cut it? I am looking into a buying a new (used) tacoma extra cab truck, and was discussing whether or not it would be able to tow my buggy with someone. He said his friend had a t100 with a 3.4 v6 and it had serious trouble towing a 1550# buggy + trailer, and that a tacoma...
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    Buying a salvage title vehicle?

    I have been looking at a tacoma that a used car lot has; the price is very low but that is because it has a salvage title. They say it was hit in the front driver side and the frame was bent, but that the truck was repaired. I drove it around and it seems to drive fine, no weird quirks or...
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    Recall Davis

    So who has signed up to kick him out of office?
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    Need Buggy Steering advice

    Ok so I'm trying to get the steering done on my buggy, the problem is the shaft is too low and hits my foot if I try to use the brake pedal. I cannot just raise it up because then the shaft hits the underside of the frame tubing, as you can see in the pictures (the cluster of 1" tubing behind...
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    Choice of Tires

    When people talk about tires they seem to usually only consider low speed traction (ie will they keep me from getting stuck) and how much they resist a rock from making a hole in the sidewall. So what about high speed handling? It seems to me most of the expensive race tires have a fairly mild...
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    custom brake lines

    Im looking for a local place where I can buy X number of feet of line, along with double flare fittings. I'm going to run all the hydraulics on my buggy, which has a dual master cyl. brake pedal and a clutch pedal made by Neal (cnc slave puller at the trans). Also I will need some flex lines...
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    Quad Insurance

    I did a search on this could not find anything.... Anyway is it possible to get insurance for a quad/atv? Either theft, or liability. Auto insurance won't cover it (AAA) and home owners insurance also specificly states wont cover any atvs. I dont want someone to jack it at glamis while im...
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    mounting seats in a buggy

    Im trying to think up a good way to mount seats in my tube frame buggy. I know I need a bar behind the back of the seat; I'm wondering about the lower mounts. The seat has 4 prongs that would bolt to a seat track, so I was thinking running 2 tubes per seat that fit just inside the prongs, then...
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    desert buggy frame

    Im going to be building a 2 seater vw rail/buggy soon for mostly desert play, but alittle sand too. I was wondering what peoples opinions are on different frames. Right now im looking at a chenowth 4LWD, but Im clueless on who else makes a reasonably priced frame (ie not a cromoly 12 car...
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    Quick Shock Question

    Im rebuilding my shocks, got them all torn apart (except valving assembly attached to the shaft) My question is, I always hear replace the seals etc..., are the seals just the O rings or what? Oh, also im revalving these (dual front shock application) Is there a way to tell what the numerical...
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    class 8

    when will the class 8 website be back up? thanks. Azusa: shame of the foothills
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    VW bug vrs Truck

    How does a bug do compared to a truck as far as money spent vrs results? Dont include the base price of the bug as a factor please. For example if i have a stock ranger and a stock bug, and i spend about 2 grand on each, which will be faster in the desert? Thanks! Azusa: shame of the foothills
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    Lucerne Meeting place

    anyone reccomend a good meeting place for the lucerne race on the 10th? I was thinking close to where you exit the 15, is there any fastfood stands, markets etc... right there? It's been awhile since I was there. Thanks. Azusa: shame of the foothills
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    Buying Used Shocks

    Going to the swapmeet tomarow, and wanting to pick up some shocks for the rear of my truck. Anyone post some tips on what to look out for when buying used shocks? They will be standard racing shocks with res, not bypass or c/o's or anything. Thanks alot. Azusa: shame of the foothills<P...
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    JD tube bender

    Anyone know where I can either buy one or order one online? You can't order off their website, and I have emailed them with no response, and called twice again with no response. Im lookin to get the model 3 with degree ring, and a 1.5" die. I am in the San Dimas area. Thanks Azusa: shame of...
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    Cajon Pass Fire

    Not too sure on the details of this fire, but will it cause problems for the lucerne race on sat? Thought I heard they had the 15 closed. Azusa: shame of the foothills
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    Harbor Freight Tube Notcher

    Anyone know if these things are decent? there is 2 different models in their catalog, both much cheaper than any other notcher i could find. I plan on using a craftsman electric drill (not a press) for mostly 1 1/2" .120" tubing. I know first hand how bad their powertools are but I figured the...
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    Leafs on F150

    Im thinking about getting some deavers for my 92 f150 to replace the stock springs. Besides the leaf packs, what is required to mount these things? Do i need new perches/hangers? How about flipping the shackle like on a ranger? Not to familliar on how to set up a rear leaf suspension. Thanks...