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    2013 Ford F150 XLT HD

    Picked up my new truck this weekend and took some comparison pics with my '96 XLT. Of course the older truck has been heavily modified... NOTES: Could not option skid plates on the new XLT, had to order them through parts and had them installed after delivery. Could not option rear...
  2. J

    2012 Rally on the Rocks, Moab UT

    Any UTV/SxS guys plan on going to the Rally on the Rocks in Moab 16-19 May?
  3. J

    When is a racing seat too snug or too loose?

    Ordered and recieved a Sparco EVO 2 seat. Set it on the floor and sat in it for awhile. It feels too snug in the hips/pelvic area. Not sure if it is really too snug or I am just not used to that kind of seat. My height is 5' 11". My weight is 185 - 190 lbs. My pants are 35" waist. This...
  4. J

    Rim and tire questions for desert racing

    14" rim versus 12" rim? Beadlocks versus standard rims? Maxxis Big Horn versus Maxxis Ceros? Preferred size combination on my modified Revolt? See link: 9" front 11" rear or 9" front 9" rear or go with...
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    Modified RedLine Revolt

    I found this for sale on the RedLine forum, could not pass on the deal for what it has in modifications and for what he was selling it for, and it only has 300 miles on it. I am having it shipped up on an auto transport, should have it by the end of the month. We will be doing the following...
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    Buggy racing in UTV-A class

    After eight trips to Moab doing the "rock crawling" thing, decided to try something different. Will be racing the buggy in the UTV-A class with BOR Racing at Wendover next week. We did the netting using generic nets, if this is something I am going to keep doing we will design a custom...
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    LOORRS (Utah) video

    Buggies: Trucks: I have ten more short videos if you want me to post them, uploading is slow though.
  8. J

    LOORRS UTV pics

    LOORRS (Utah) UTV pics LOORRS UTV pics
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    Transfer case options

    For a dual purpose desert truck with trail riding, what is the optimum, or best all around T-case low gear ratio? Present set-up: diffs - 4.10, 33' tires, 5 sp manual (M5OD -R2), 302 engine, Detroit Locker high range numbers 1st gear - 16.03 2nd gear - 9.18 3rd gear - 6.11...
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    8.8 tone ring questions

    Did the 8.8 swap for a 9. As far as I understand, the tone ring manages: Rear ABS Speedometer Shift points for automatic trans At this moment the tone ring from CA Prefun is mounted on the slip yoke. The sensor is mounted about 1/2" above, slightly off centered, see below image...
  11. J

    slip yoke eliminator kit for 13-56 t-case?

    Have a 96 Ford F150. Who makes a slip yoke eliminator kit for the Borg Warner 13-56 transfer case?
  12. J

    Camburg's custom 9"

    I am doing a rear end swap, replacing my Ford 8.8 with Camburg's 9". It will have a Detroit Locker with 4.57 gears. DugFab is doing the swapout. He has welded bosses for the brake lines, mounted Ruff Stuff extended spring perches, limit strap and shock tabs, and welded boses on shock tabs...
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    Mountain bike question

    I presently have an early 90"s Cannondale Delta V 1000 HT: front susp (80mm headshock), head tube 70 deg, seat tube 73.5 deg I am looking at the new Cannondale full susp mountain bikes, specifically the RZ 120 and the RZ 140. The 120 has a head tube of 69 deg, seat tube of 73.5 deg...
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    California Pre-Fun

    Trying to get ahold of Kirk at California Pre-Fun. The number I got is 951 845 8820. All I get is five rings and then cuts to a "fax tone". Anybody have another number?