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    4.3L motor swap

    Does the holley manifold have a CARB number on it? If not that could fail you right there.
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    welding to a bolt

    yes you will be removing the heat treatment.
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    9/11 Questionable facts -

    So then what possible reason could the gov't have for faking a crash that actually happened, just in a different spot. They would have to cover up the first crash, which would be hard, then fake a new one at the pentagon. All for what? Why would they bother doing this? Not to mention that...
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    What happened to the Pentagon? Don't be dumb
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    Engine sound??

    how bout a rotary?
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    Mig welding 101

    Pushing the gun gives "less" penetration and a lower bead profile. Pulling the gun gives more penetration and a higher bead profile. So it depends on the joint, heat of welder, and metal thickness. If you're butt welding two thin pieces of metal together, then push the gun. If you're trying...
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    Mig welding 101

    Use metal thinner than 1/8" for practice, that way you won't be blaming yourself rather than the machine when it doesn't weld right on thicker metal.
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    MDR 200 pics and stories

    Do you have to register to watch the video? It said I wasn't authorized to view the download section.
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    what's the best time to watch racing on TV?

    Re: what\'s the best time to watch racing on TV? You need an option that says "Adelphia took away my speed channel so I don't watch racing on tv"
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    The prep by jake 12 car looked really fast out there.
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    Looking for weld on nuts (shock boss)

    They dont list the size I need otherwise they would work (but pricey) I ended up ordering some from a sprint car website for 4.50 each.
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    Looking for weld on nuts (shock boss)

    I'm looking for a threaded part like in the picture to use for the shock mounts on my buggy. It already has some on there but they are metric insted of the 1/2" I need. I would get some from that website but the longest they sell are 7/8"...
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    Will this tow vehicle cut it?

    Erik, would that replacement pack you guys sell work? I'm talkin about the one that just replaces acouple of the leaves and gives 2" of lift, not a whole new pack.
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    Will this tow vehicle cut it?

    I was planning on getting the mini 5 lug tacoma and leaving it stock, so having it too high above the pavement isn't an issue. Toyota lists all their extra cab tacoma's at 3500 tow load except for the v6 prerunner.
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    Will this tow vehicle cut it?

    Will this tow vehicle cut it? I am looking into a buying a new (used) tacoma extra cab truck, and was discussing whether or not it would be able to tow my buggy with someone. He said his friend had a t100 with a 3.4 v6 and it had serious trouble towing a 1550# buggy + trailer, and that a tacoma...
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    HAAA no bumper

    Are you running a 4age?
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    13B Rotary Motor

    how does he like the power? I was thinking of doing the same thing for my buggy, n/a 13b with carb conversion.
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    Speedway Motorsports

    I got some ford tie rod ends for my buggy there, 10 bucks a piece. They also sell the threaded bungs if you are making your own tie rods.
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    Lets compare!

    Part of the reason Europe has high gas prices is the governments charge a very high gas tax to discourage people from using/becoming dependant on oil.
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    Buying a salvage title vehicle?

    I have been looking at a tacoma that a used car lot has; the price is very low but that is because it has a salvage title. They say it was hit in the front driver side and the frame was bent, but that the truck was repaired. I drove it around and it seems to drive fine, no weird quirks or...