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  1. AZBadseed

    Yazeed accident at Sharqiyah Baja

    Looks like what you and I did a few years back in Jean eh bud?!
  2. AZBadseed


    We raced with LOORS AZ at Cocopah several years ago in our TL. What a blast, and a great turnout! Yuma people know how to support offroad! Good luck with the race, I'll send as many that way as I can.
  3. AZBadseed

    What is Robby building?

    True statement! No brakes helped us though didn’t it?! Haha!
  4. AZBadseed

    ★ Dakar 2019 - Stage 6: Arequipa > San Juan de Marcona

    Are the liaison stages considerably longer in this years race? 810k seems like a lot of “commuting”! Sent from my iPhone using race-deZert
  5. AZBadseed

    ★ Dakar 2019 - Stage5: Tacna > Arequipa

    I’m getting my backwards organizations backwards Sent from my iPhone using race-deZert mobile app
  6. AZBadseed

    ★ Dakar 2019 - Stage5: Tacna > Arequipa

    Anyone notice that peterhansel was only 2 mins behind nasser at CP8 and 16+mins back at the finish?! Nice work FIA! Sent from my iPhone using race-deZert
  7. AZBadseed

    KOH newb

    I’m going for the 1st time this year with a few people. Bringing the RV wondering what to tow out? Stock rubicon JKU or rzr4? Parking outside hammertown for a few hours to check it all out. I’m a bit hesitant about slimeballs out there, might rather have a locking truck than a rzr with a bunch...
  8. AZBadseed

    2016 Battle at Primm Mike Meachum and Full Ahead Racing Trophy Lite

    Thanks Cary! We'll try and keep the camera clean next time. We had some great battles out there Sunday. These little trucks are awesome....It doesn't look as exciting as a trophy truck all the time, but what a blast! Nice work with the elev8 jib too! Awesome tools you have Cary! Maybe a new...
  9. AZBadseed

    2016 Battle at Primm 3028 Kevin McKeown Trophy Lite

    We even made it in the video! Lots of good racing between the two TL's that weekend. Great video Cary...I dig the Elev8 jig!
  10. AZBadseed

    SNORE King Shocks Battle at Primm photos posted

    Thanks John! great shots of 3011...I'll get in touch when I get back in town to make an order!
  11. AZBadseed

    A Few Pics From SNORE Battle at Primm

    Thanks Cary! Another great race....and some great coverage!
  12. AZBadseed

    What's the one dang job nobody wants to do??? (Prep work)

    CV's, I got so tired of them I bought a truck and sold the buggy! LOL
  13. AZBadseed

    *VIDEO* 2015 Henderson 250 TrophyLite Highlights

    another great video Bobby!
  14. AZBadseed

    Which Class is best to start Racing off road

    Like they said above, call Rick at Trophylite. That's a great start. Yes I'm biased. Yes, I have TL for sale. Yes, after racing 3 different classes, TL has been far and away the most fun per dollar I've ever spent. I have a kid on the way that may just rival that fun per dollar, so I'm taking a...
  15. AZBadseed

    *VIDEO* 2015 Silver State 300 TrophyLite Highlights

    awesome as always! Viva TL
  16. AZBadseed

    *VIDEO* 2015 Mint 400 TrophyLite Highlights

    Stoked to finally make the video! Another great one Bobby! Thanks!!
  17. AZBadseed

    Racing is a mess, an awesome mess.

    Racing is a mess, an awesome mess.
  18. AZBadseed

    2015 Mint 400 wish list

    There are a TON of great ideas in here....this is well as PAB's KOH idea....Bring them all in!
  19. AZBadseed

    *VIDEO* TrophyLite BITD BWDC Highlights

    Awesome time we'll have to stay together long enough to make the video! LOL
  20. AZBadseed

    MY Parker BWDC 2014 Photos Riverside Dr.

    I wish we could have made it that far! Terrible luck this year! Great Pics as always Mike (and Wil). Got any shots of 1517 by chance? Thanks!