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  1. AZBadseed

    Touchscreen GPS??

    is anyone running them? i'm wondering how they will hold up, and how they work when bouncing around during a race and trying to use it? personally i think the push buttons would be better, no/less accidental button punching. anyone have any experience or know anyone racing using them? thanks!
  2. AZBadseed

    Fisher's Landing / Martinez Lake - Need some info.

    I know a bunch of you guys are Havasu and Parker Folks. But I know a few of you out there hang out on the lower end of the river too. Maybe someone can get me some info on a house in Fishers I'd like to rent. Anyone who has been to Fishers in the last 10 years, has seen the big adobe looking...
  3. AZBadseed

    79 F250/Cummins Swap

    I've got a 79 F250 CrewCab Shortbed. It's a great runner, and in good shape. 460 Auto 2wd I also have a 93 D350 Cummins. It's a great runner and in decent shape Cummins/Auto OD 2wd It's time to start project "Forge 250". I'm looking for someone reputable to do the swap and set up the I beam...
  4. AZBadseed

    Dirt Fish rally School....Anyone down?

    After hearing about the great experiences of a lot of people, including the recap of the RDC MODS Trip, I'm heading up to get "know'd up". I have friends that have been and some family that live up there (about 20 mins away). So it's going to be a great trip! I'm looking at doing the 3 day...
  5. AZBadseed

    Steel Buildings in SoCal

    Anyone out there in RDC land have a hook up or know of anyone that could get me a deal? I am going to try and put up a Garage-Mahal at my new place. Looking for a 40' x 60' Shop preferably, but I'm a little flexible on that. Reply here or PM me or drop me an email
  6. AZBadseed

    Laughlin Shops / Storage?

    Our team is taking our class 3000 car out for Make-A-Wish in Laughlin, then we are coming back the following weekend for the HDRA race. Dragging everything from SD to Laughlin and back TWICE is a long haul. I'm wondering if anyone out there has a shop or some gated space we might be able to...
  7. AZBadseed

    Enclosed Trailer : Race Set-up

    I just bought a brand new 24' Enclosed and I'm looking to out fit the insides with shelving a work station, cabinets, etc. Who makes the best products? Anyone have any tips or tricks for outfitting to best suit a race team? I have a good compressor and generator, and a big tools box already...
  8. AZBadseed

    HDRA Primm Race TV Show @ Eastbound Bar and Grill

    Full Ahead Racing and our sponsors Eastbound Bar and Grill are going to be having the HDRA Redline @ Stateline race on every screen we want. Celebrating our first class win, and the first show for HDRA! Great Beers, Excellent Food, and some off road racing action! Thursday May 10th @ 5pm We're...
  9. AZBadseed

    Eastbound Bar and Grill - Redline @ Stateline

    Full Ahead Racing and Eastbound Bar and Grill will be showing the HDRA Redline @ Stateline Race!! When: May 10th @ 5pm we'll be there around 4pm, show starts at 5pm, I'm sure we'll be there a long while after! Where: Eastbound Bar and Grill 10053 Maine Ave Lakeside, Ca Easy to get to...
  10. AZBadseed

    Power Steering Pump

    I need some power steering pump information. Our 2.4L ecotec w/ torque generator steering set up. Our pump took a dump testing in plaster city. We havent been able to locate the correct replacement part with proper threaded ports. If you can help us out with a number or some good...
  11. AZBadseed

    RV Park in Primm??

    Any places in town with full hook-ups to pull in for HDRA Race weekend? I haven't been out there in a long time! Thanks for the info.
  12. AZBadseed

    Mendi 2D 4 Speed -> 5 Speed ??

    I just pulled the trans out of my 3000 car with a 2.4 Eco and Mendi 2D 4spd. I have been told that a 5th gear can be put into the 2D Box, is that correct, or did someone blow smoke up my @$$? I just recently changed the engine computer over to MEFI 5 and had CBM tune it on the dyno. It's now...
  13. AZBadseed

    New (to me) Class 3000...

    I guess I picked an "interesting" time to jump into the fray. I just picked my first racer. The car used to belong to Dan Nunley. 2.4L Eco / 4 spd Mendi / Desert Dynamics Chassis
  14. AZBadseed

    looking for a little holiday help!

    My wife emailed me today and told me her mom is having trouble getting her car to pass smog. I figured this would be just the spot to find some help. She's gotta 93 ranger and she needs a fuel filler neck assembly. the place she took it to was gonna charge her near a grand to replace it. She...
  15. AZBadseed

    New to RC

    Turns out Yuma has a pretty great track that alot of people travel quite a ways to check out. I am going down there tonight to check it out for the first time. If anyone has been there or knows of the place let me know what you think. I dont have a truck yet but am looking at a couple of...
  16. AZBadseed

    Sauter to RGM ?

    from : Sauter in Limbo for 2008: UPDATE: #70-Johnny Sauter is receiving mixed signals about his future at Haas CNC Racing but believes the overriding message from the team is clear. "The word put to me is we're not going to tell you that you have a job, we're not going to tell you...
  17. AZBadseed

    Chula Vista Tickets

    can i get tickets at the gate tomorrow morning? :confused: for some reason the CORR site comes up with no tickets? i'm driving out there from yuma and dont want to show up with no way to get in and see the action.
  18. AZBadseed

    Padres Spring Training

    Padres vs. D-Backs in Yuma 1:05pm March 24th If anyone is interested let me know either by reply or PM. I'm going to try and get a bunch of tickets and hopefully have a little post game party at the house. (or pre-game....or both! haha)
  19. AZBadseed

    Have you ever seen...

    a suzuki samurai in an off-road race? I know a guy who has a number of them. Could they be raced in any class?:eek:
  20. AZBadseed

    "O" is for Oakland

    as in 27-0! Go Bolts:D Get ready for another long season Raider fans