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    TaxPayer Funded Racing - The Duece

    Got it LOL!
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    TaxPayer Funded Racing - The Duece

    nice work hippie!
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    Orange County RC Car Club W/ Free track?!

    I did nothing to the big mini 8ight does not work too well on that one! I rebuilt all of the lips, landings and berms on the small track in the back. I still have a few jumps to finish but it's coming along nicely.
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    Orange County RC Car Club W/ Free track?!

    Just got a mini 8ight and started working on this track again. Dirt is perfect for digging right now and I'm fixing all of the jumps. I'll be out there tomorrow working on it late morning if anyone wants to cruise out.
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    Mystery Machine Dezert Racer

    Scooby is racing baja on Cartoon Network right now! The Mystery Machine looks pretty mean!
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    Don't pay your bill with me here is what Happens!

    If the bank now ownes the property and they notice that materials are missing who do they ask? The builder is going to look like a dumb ass when the bank asks him where the driveway went. At that point he will have to talk to Jerry and resolve the issue for Jerry and the bank, I would think...
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    Anybody selling a rc truggy 1/8

    I've got a Kyosho RTR 1/8 scale truggy that I used a few times that I want to get rid of. It comes with everything you need. It's a good starter truck. Still has the original knobbies in good condition. Chassis is scraped up from running on the street but the truck is in great shape. I live in...
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    things my kid will never experience, things sure ain't like they used to be.

    Having your own special way to get your Nintendo to play a game (two tapps on the side and one on top) Using a spoon to push the buttons faster for some of the games Eivel Keneivel jump bike or just Eivel Keneivel! Jumping over your friends in the "pit" while not wearing a helmet Exploding...
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    The Hangover nice wedding music...
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    The Hangover

    "It's Rittard"
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    Don't Be "THAT GUY"!

    Don't be that guy that cuts in front of a long line of cars waiting to turn left at the last second while you have waited for (3) lights to change so he can make it and you can be first in line for the 4th light to change. Don't be that guy that speeds up when you try to pass (on the right)...
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    4x bike

    Price? Mongoose makes a nice 4X bike influenced by Eric Carter, Specialized SX is a sweet bike (pricy though) also don't count out hardtails. Most 4X tracks don't require full suspension plus they rob acceleration. If you are racing, I would consider a hardtail. Practicing for 4X will most...
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    Orange County RC Car Club W/ Free track?!

    Yeah, it's private land but so is every other place where you see dirt jumps. The sherrif is not going to write you a ticket for driving an RC car in a vacant dirt lot. It might actually be a good idea to propose an RC park to the city. I'm sure between HPI, Assiciated, and Kyosho you could...
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    Mountain bike Trails...

    San Juan Trail on Ortega Highway is a good one that takes 1-2 hours. It's about 70% downhill.
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    Orange County RC Car Club W/ Free track?!

    Anyone want to make a club or just meet on the weekends for a couple hours? Found an old track in Lake Forest that we could fix up. I noticed quite a few guys with cars on here. I have an 1/8th Truggy that barely fits on this track and would be willing to build a bigger track if anyone wants to...
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    Best Lawnmower Beer: High Life Best Holliday Beer: Anchor Steam Best Small Brewery: Six Rivers Brewery in Mckinleyville (Only sold in Humboldt County) Best Commertially Available Micro: Madd River Brewing (Steelhead & Jamaica) Boy do I miss Humboldt.
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    CRF450X Suspension

    Okay, maybe he did the 600's, but he was involved with Factory Honda. I seem to remember him talking specificaly about the 400 though.
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    CRF450X Suspension

    Another vote for ESP. George is a great guy and his prices are very reasonable. I had my XR400 done there. He used to do the suspension for Factory Honda when they were on XR400's...that sold it for me, plus he was ~$100 cheaper or so. Again, I have an XR400 - completely different bike - and...
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    Hey Roger. Haven't been out to the races in a while to see you guys. I'm hoping to get out the...

    Hey Roger. Haven't been out to the races in a while to see you guys. I'm hoping to get out the Fontucky for 4x someday. I have 2 boys now (2.5 and 1) so times are rough for personal recreation! Hopefully Romic is still going well for you. Later, Shaun
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    "SAW" challenge to RDC members...

    Troy seems like a cool dude. Looks like he's into the "Nor-Cal" short course scene as well as desert racing. Pretty cool that your parents started VORRA. My buddy was going to race that seiries a while back but never made it up there.