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    ROOMMATE WANTED!! San Diego!! FEB 1st

    OK here's the deal. We need a roommate for a 3br house in Bay Park/San Diego. Garage, yard, and super close to the beach, about 3 miles. We sit on a hill facing the water and have a spectacular view. Really, really nice area with TONS of parking. Includes washer/dryer. Sq.Ft is 1500. Rent is...
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    I-Beamed Tacoma -- EBAY TIME!

    Just thought you guys and girls could spread the word. Thanks for the help!
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    Refreshing moment

    Since I love scenic photography, I thought I would share this pic with you guys and gals. Stuff like this always makes me feel alive when Im down and out at my DESK job.
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    Tacoma--Mass air flow wiring HELP!!

    On Saturday at ROR I had one of three wires on the male portion of the wiring unit that connects to my mass flow air sensor burn up and shred. We tried to crimp and solder them back together but to no use. Does anyone know where I can get this portion of wiring without having to re-wire...
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    Tundra wreck in Vista

    I read this online today... 9:58 a.m., May 28, 2003 VISTA – A 19-year-old man was killed and two other people were injured when a pickup truck being driven off-road rolled multiple times, ejecting the driver and a passenger, authorities said today. Troy Gilbert Burrola...
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    Came across this sweet Tacoma....

    I saw this sweet Tacoma the other day and had to grab a picture. Man that thing is sharp! I wonder how much is invested into that rig......
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    La Mesa Car Show....

    Starting tonight, the La Mesa Car Show ( San Diego ) is back in action every Thursday until the end of summer. Its a great time to get out there and show off that vehicle that you've spent countless hours working on. Suprisingly, there is a good amount of trucks that get out there and would love...
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    Gordons jump

    Well now I know the suspension works!! C-$
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    Quick reality check....

    So last night Im watching Southpark at around 11:45pm and Im about to head out the door to get gas for the next day and I hear this super loud SSCCEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR....silence.....THUUUUDDD then I hear the sound of crushing metal and windows breaking. I run onto my balcony and look down the hill...
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    Off Road TV

    Right now on channel 70 (travel channel) they are featuring all types of off-road racing---including desert racing later in the show. Just wanted to let you all know. Its 10:20pm Sunday night C-$
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    Tire Pressure on street..

    To get the most comfort yet maintain reasonable gas mileage and tread wear, what PSI does everyone run in their tires? Im running 33" Pro-Comp M/T but not to sure what PSI I should run for daily use. I know everyone thinks differently and would like some opinions. Thanks. C-$
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    Cell phone coverage...

    Not to sure if this has been covered yet but I was wondering who gets the best coverage out in the desert? Im actually wondering who has the best service----Verizon or Cingular? Sounds kind of goofy, but damnit---we all know its a problem. Or if you have another company that gets even better...
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    OK. Im near completion on my 3 link and was wondering how long I could run my Tacoma before rust starts to build on my trailing arms, wishbone, bumper, differential......all that good stuff. I was thinking maybe a week before rust starts to form. Now I want to paint certain areas black and...
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    If you guys were gonna buy a pair of limiting straps for a 3/4 linked rear, what brand would you get? And up to what lengths do they make them? Cost? Reason is, I need to pick up some before next week for my riggy rig. Thanks for the feedback. C-$
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    I need to get my hands on a fuel cell pronto. Does anyone have one laying around that they need to sell or do you know if anyone that sells them at a relatively decent price. Idealy looking for a 22 g, but larger will work. Thanks everyone. C-$
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    TACOMA bedside info

    Does anyone know where this truck got these bedsides? I dont think they are Glassworks or Hanneman and I dont think they are conversion Tacoma glass either. Also, has anyone ever seen BOATEC bedsides on a Tacoma other than on CORR racing on ESPN?? Thanks...
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    Steering wheel installation

    I just ordered a Momo Competition Steering Wheel plus hub adaptor and was wondering how much work goes into switching this out with my big a$$, airbag-less stock wheel. This is going onto my Tacoma. Any info on this process would be appreciated. Plus does anyone else have any opinions on...