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    Beware: American Overland Expedition AOE

    This probably is not news to a lot of people but Alex from AOE offroad is not someone to do business with. Pretty pathetic, owed money and will not answer phone or return messages. I now know he has done this to a lot of people. I am a small business owner and when I don’t get paid for a weeks...
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    Future Racecar Design

    It seems like desert racecars havent evolved too much in the last 10-20 years and I was trying to think of where the next big advancement would be. Seems like cars could improve a lot in the wieght area? All-wheel drive? Advances in shock technology? Turbo charging? Carbon fiber? Just thought I...
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    Big diameter shocks

    I was wondering why alot of trophy trucks and class on cars are running such big shocks. I think Ive seen them as big as 4" inches. Are they running large bypass shocks because they need the dampening forces or is it more for cooling?
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    Frieght shipping

    Im looking to ship a few custom bumpers within the united states. Does anyone have any recomendations for inexpensive frieght companies. I believe its too large to send through fedex and ups.
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    Silverado Suspension geometry

    I am currently working on a long travel suspension system for my 2005 silverado 1500 and need some input on castor and king pin inclination. Due to clearance between the spindle and wheel it looks like i will need to run about 14 degrees KPI on the spindle. From what i have read this is a little...
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    chevy 1500 unit bearing

    I was wondering if anyone had experience with the GM 1500 unit bearing on an offroad application? I know alot of people run into problems with them on thier lifted trucks running the wrong offset wheel adding alot of stress and causing premature failure. From what i can tell Robby Gordons 4 seat...
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    A-arm vs Trailing arm on CV wear

    Im in the process of desighning a IRS buggy on a tight budget. My question is if an A-arm rear suspension has any benifits over a trailing arm style system with reguards to CV wear/angle and wheel travel? The car wont be raced, will run a 2.2 ecotec (150hp) and a built bus box. I was...
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    OEM CAD Files

    Ive been doing some searches on the internet for CAD drawings of factory parts from manufacturers like Ford and GM but haven't come up with anything. Im in the process of designing a suspension kit for my 2005 silverado 4wd in solidworks and if I had a CAD drawing for the frame and pivot points...
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    4-link Desighn corr vs desert racing

    I noticed that most short coarse racing trucks like the pro 2 and 4s run a 4 link with the upper links spread far apart at the rear axle and closer at the chassis while most desert racing trucks run the opposite with the upper links mounted close together over the center of the rear axle and...
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    86 toyota efi problems

    I recently obtained a 1986 Toyota EFI Turbo 4x4 (the truck worked fine when last parked). It had been sitting for a little over a year and a rat had done some minor damage to the wiring. After re-connecting all the wires the electonics seem to work and the engine turns over but the fuel pump...
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    mdr 1450

    im building a 1450 truck and i was wondering if you had to use dom tubing? I hope not becouse I already started building my truck out of cr mild steel.
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    loves long walks on the beach......

    hey i use the classifieds all the time so i fiqured id join. Cant get enough of offroad racing. I am finally building my own truck. A ford ranger to race 1450. I will post some pics as soon as I have something presentable.