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  1. Chubs

    Hand brake plumbing

    I’ve done a lot of YouTube detective work but all comes back street car stuff. How are you guys plumbing in your hand brakes? My truck is running a spooled 9”, I’ve seen an extra caliper mounted Between 10:00 & 12:00, but I’m sure that’s not necessary, I’d think I’d be able to T into my rear...
  2. Chubs

    RRally Trucks in our stateside rallys

    I like to think I’m somewhat intelligent but, search as hard as I may, I cannot find and information about anyone running trucks ( Ford, Chevy, etc.) in any of our stateside rallies! I’m in the beginning stages of building an 1994 F-150 4x4 5.8 E4OD, extended cab truck with the wheelbase...
  3. Chubs

    Hello! My name is Chubs!

    \m/Hey guys, and gals, loved this site for years now, been a dezert fan since my gramps took me out in his baja bug outside of lancaster 30 years ago.....I have a 95 and 1 68 f-i50 the 95 is slightly built and the 68 will be my first race truck. The cab is hanging from the ridge of my garage...