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  1. miguelitro

    diesel cost in mex?

    Anyone here know the approximate cost of diesel currently? Thanks in advance! Mike
  2. miguelitro

    Help my school win a contest!

    We can win some nice trees and decent grant! go to this link, click on vote now, and if you like our video it is titled "Gillispie's Beautiful, Majestic Trees" Thanks, Mike ps. Yes i teach environmental science but am an avid off roader...
  3. miguelitro

    El Cajon smog shop for gf's car

    I have to be out there for an hour or so saturday and need to get her civic smogged. anyone in off road community who also does it for cheap:D? Thanks Mike
  4. miguelitro

    Dentist in Tijuana?

    Anyone have a recommendation. Need a filling. Thanks Mike
  5. miguelitro

    TBH Scrub Down story and pics....

    Drive Desert Scrub Down 2010 I need to start Saturday’s story by giving thanks to a few people, I will include pictures of those who I can... First thanks goes out to Doug and the DRIVE crew for all they did on saturday and the weeks leading up to the DRIVE DESERT SCRUB DOWN II. -to Ilya...
  6. miguelitro

    short story

    1979 was a strange year. we were still young enough to not understand what was going on and that, combined with what typical surf rats were doing in ’79, gave us skewed view of that year’s events. living in a southern california port town is more diverse than most locals even know and i was...
  7. miguelitro

    Precio de petrol en TKT

    Estoy pasando por TKT manana y si esta mas barato alli me gustaria llenar los tanques en TKT. Gracias por su ayuda, Mike
  8. miguelitro

    baja race caravan info page/spreadsheet

    How hard would it be to set up a page/spreadsheet/sticky where people could fill in when(day and time) they are driving down, in what vehicle, comm y/n, if yes what freq? It would be nice to be able to at least know who is on the road at the same time as you are and be able to better keep an...
  9. miguelitro

    prerunning 500 this weekend?

    Anyone gonna be down there sat/sun? We will be riding to ojos from the border, ojos to rm100/valle T, then heading back towards the pacific either on course then slabbing to san quintin unless the tide is low enough to ride the beach. Then back up to the coast to the course to ojos and home. Mike
  10. miguelitro

    Pie Valley/Corral Canyon Sunday

    There was some interest in riding up there on another thread. I will be camping at the campground just down from 4 corners with a friend sat night, hoping to ride sat evening and then all day sunday. If you are interested hit me up here or pm for more info. Mike
  11. miguelitro

    tundra with icon CO's question

    My good friend Kory who runs the Scorpian Bay cantina and camping stopped in for a couple days with a 02 tundra 4x that he just put icons on with the stock upper arm. He left the lift as set by icon. Now his inner cv boots are leaking grease from the inside clamp which feels really loose...
  12. miguelitro

    sf 250 map

    hate to have to ask this but i cant get it to load. does anyone have one they could attach here please? Thanks Mike
  13. miguelitro

    riding laughlin

    anyone have any pointers for me? I'm gonna be there in a couple weeks with the bike and looking to get out of town. For the AZ side, are we gonna need any king of land use permit? Thanks for any pointers! Mike
  14. miguelitro

    Thanks to OTB and D38!

    Another great race yesterday! Way to kick off the year. and no I wasn't racing...just riding sweep and having fun. If you were watching the bomb run you might have seen me wheeling back after clearing the run:D Us orange vest guys can have too. Another big thumbs up to Doug from Drive for...
  15. miguelitro

    Dash photos(non professional)

    i took some 45 pictures or are some good ones and a link to the rest.
  16. miguelitro

    checkpoints etc info please...

    between El Hongo and the chase road out to Check 1 Any info appreciated. Mike
  17. miguelitro

    Light pit support near check 1

    will be down there to spectate and help out some friends so if anyone needs a tire or any sort of help down there look out for the TBH pit board, we'll help out however we can. Mike
  18. miguelitro

    Our baja fun run this past weekend.

    Baja- Things go wrong and work out perfect. Partybargepilot and myself left Pacific Beach Thursday evening and headed for some cold beers and a good nights rest at the the luxurious Hacienda Santa Veronica. We knew we had a long day of riding ahead of us so we took it easy with only about...
  19. miguelitro

    Affordable Raingutters

    I know you are racing C1 now and Corr, are on this site? We had one of your employees come and take measurements for a quote yesterday down here in Pacific Beach. Nice guy and we are looking forward to giving you our $$$.:D Thanks, Mike
  20. miguelitro

    Anyone going south this weekend?

    Leaving friday from HSV, picking up the course somewhere and heading towards SF loosely on the course. sat. SF to erendira area. sunday back to hsv. Not really prerunning but do want to see the romorosa road and well, some of the course will be unavoidable. We will be on 2 650's with big...