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  1. oldschool5er

    Chenowth 1000 3 link Restore

    Well it's on it's way back to it's new home in Ohio. It will be completely gone through and the work detailed. I normally don't get too involved in sharing restore's on the net that I do, but in this case I have help in documenting it so it will be a step by step.
  2. oldschool5er

    15" RE-POP Tires

    Opinions on if there would be any interest in the Vintage racing scene for Re-pop vintage style offroad tires ie: Sand Blasters, Formula Desert Dogs, MT Baja Belted in 15" rim, or which popular tread pattern from back in the day?
  3. oldschool5er

    Roed/Harris 1970's vintage 5/1600 photos

    1977 Riverside race of Champions, 1977 Baja 500, 1978 Silverbird Score Race of Champions Invitational, 1983 Firecracker 250, Roed/Harris Albuquerque shop.
  4. oldschool5er

    Hello, My name is Rob

    I am an Old school class 11 and 5-1600 racer 1975 - 1986