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    More 500 Results and lap times Unoffical

    What about the race in jonsion valy? my kus is in :More:
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    Looks good truck sounds good 2 :D
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    Share your jokes!!!! -- Mature Subject Matter

    well here chuck norris's dogs killed ceaser mullan Sorry didn't want to go post by post to look if it was posted.
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    Share your jokes!!!! -- Mature Subject Matter

    There are 3 guy's and they are trying to get a job with the FBI. The 1st guy is told to go up stairs and kill his wife. The man telling him to do so gives him a gun. Soon after the man walks up and about 5 min's later comes back down and says i just can't do it. 2nd guy is told to do the...
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    Hello my name is Cesar

    hi. n welcome.
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    Whats up my name is Josh

    Welcome 2 :D
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    Working on a Site

    I haven't done any html coding on there yet. Not sure if "web's" would let me.
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    Working on a Site

    ha ha indeed. You gotta give me some time tho for the most part people in my area just have that basic understanding of English. You put any word that consist of 6 or more letters they got to break it down. The site is for friends that i know and that would like to get together. And go out N...
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    Working on a Site

    Well i have been working on a site. . .What do you guy's think? yes it is a free web's i am cheep. But what could i add?
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    Don't - rep i don't even live close to you. Tax payers dollors just chill bra.

    Don't - rep i don't even live close to you. Tax payers dollors just chill bra.
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    A 1996 FordRanger.

    but it's a step side :D! lawlz I tryed the link lawlz
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    A 1996 FordRanger.

    Yes, i like the stickers idea "frack cop" Light's yes awsome paint is ok um how would i be able to show a pix of the truck on here for you guy's to see? thnkz 4 da in put
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    A 1996 FordRanger.

    Well i took it to the park and did some Gardening some dough nutts then the ren a cop's came dam there car's are fast. all way's DGAF but would like some more fun with it.
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    A 1996 FordRanger.

    Well the truck is stock now. Some stickers! What kind of light's/rack would i be able to buy. and prices?
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    Why can't I post pic's anymore???

    From what i know all coding is "OFF" -HTML- -IMG- That's just for sig's tho.
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    Crf450r vs. Crf450x

    Well i ride a klx 300R but still older bike kawi did try and make it in to a track bike it didn't work out so well. They just kept the R. It's a heavy beast. :D
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    A 1996 FordRanger.

    I would like to do some thing on this ranger. my goal will be to Race it on dirt and be able to drive it on street with out being pulled over by the "Cop's" Rent - a - cops don't bother me at all. I know that i would like a lift most likely a 4in lift 15in rims new fenders in take system. just...
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    how can we keep the desert clean

    I does make me mad also such a cool place can turn in to a dump if not taken care of. When our group goes out we make sure that all trash is up and some times leave like punkins for the animals and stuff like that. . .
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    hi my name is mike

    What's up! What els are you going to do to it? are you going to race it stock? Nos? in-take? just putting $4000? just might cost. more. Why you have to post an intro is because if you read what is above it will tell you that. . . \ Welcome to the message board. You are almost...