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    Working on a Site

    Well i have been working on a site. . .What do you guy's think? yes it is a free web's i am cheep. But what could i add?
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    A 1996 FordRanger.

    I would like to do some thing on this ranger. my goal will be to Race it on dirt and be able to drive it on street with out being pulled over by the "Cop's" Rent - a - cops don't bother me at all. I know that i would like a lift most likely a 4in lift 15in rims new fenders in take system. just...
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    Hello every one.

    Hello my name is shamus. I do ride enduro not pro but i am apart of a club that does host races and other stuff. I been riding cents i was about 3 years old and been just having fun. I own a KLX 300 R and a 1996 Ford Ranger witch i hope to do some sick stuff to. I found the web site by a friend...