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    RGR Coilover Info?

    I picked these coilovers up a while back from a race team I was working with? They came off of the La Victoria TT. Anybody have any info about who made them or if any parts besides the spares I have might be available? There are also some old school bump stops that came with them. Any idea on...

    R.I.P. Nye Frank

    Just read in the Press Enterprise newspaper that a beloved member of our sport, Nye Frank, passed away last night at the age of 68. He built some of the greatest off-road vehicles ever and had many great accomplishments to his name. He will be greatly missed.

    Who made/makes it?

    Does anybody happen to know who made or makes the front 'glass' on this particular truck?

    Truck Beds

    Besides the obvious places: pick-a-part and looking through the recycler, are there any other good places in so-cal to buy a complete pu bed. Looking for a 94 S-10/Sonoma.

    88-98 Chevy/GMC wheelbase

    I was wondering if a standard cab-long bed was built on the same chassis as an extended cab-short bed in this year range of chevy pickups. Actually my main question is if the wheelbase is the same or different for those two styles. Thanks for any help.

    "White Lightning Racing" Where did they go???

    What ever happend to all of the vehicles in the White Lightning Racing fleet. I liked all those vehicles. The race trucks, chase-blazer and chase-extended cab pickup were all bitchen. Any body have pics of any of the vehicles then and/or now?

    My Sister Wins S-10 Jump Off

    The ride of her life!!! Though the title implies otherwise, what happened was not funny. At 2:30 AM this morning my sister was on her way home from a late shift at the emergency vet clinic where she works and she fell asleep behind the wheel of her truck. It was not her normal shift and she had...

    73-87 Chevy Front Fenders

    Does anybody have pics of old chevy fiberglass fenders 73-87. NOT INTERESTED IN PICS OF UPDATE KITS. Just original body style, including drop down hoods,etc.Preferably not huge flair like NEWHANS red chevy. And if you have any good pics, also, where the fenders/hoods can be purchased. The few...

    Cousin Injured in Fallujah

    As everyone has been seeing on the news the assault on Fallujah has cost the lives of over 3 dozen of our soldiers. Last night i recieved a phone call from germany from my cousin. He had just come out of 8 hours of surgery. He took 2 grenades directly to his legs. He will be able to walk again...
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    I decided to put some different rims on my new chevy and when i went to pull the first wheel off i found where some jacka$$ had hammered the lugs on with an air gun crossthreading 5 of them. As i tried to take them off with a tire iron i sheared 5 of them off. 2 of them actually while i was...
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    Leveling a Z-71

    I bought a 1998 GMC Z-71 last week and I hate the GM stinkbug effect. Rather than lifting the front to level it, I was wondering if 2 inch drop shackles would work. My real question is are 2wd leafs and 4wd leafs the same width. In the SUMMIT catalog they do not specify if the shackles will work...
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    SB vs. BB weight

    What is the weight differnce between a fully assembled sb chevy 350 and say a bb 454. If both engines in stock form could be gotten for the same price would the added torque of the 454 out weigh the added weight the engine would add. This would be in an older 70's 4x4.
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    R.I.P. Ronald Reagan

    In case nobody has been watching the news, today, June 5, 2004, at approx. 1pm. our 40th president, Ronald Reagan died. He was at his home in LA with his wife and children. He was 93 years old. R.I.P.
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    Chevy Help

    Ok i got a problem, my 2000 silverado 5.3L with an Auto transmission. When you try and pull it into gear it goes through reverse and neutral no problem, but it will not click into drive and it will not let you go any farther into 3,2,or 1st. Im thinkin there maybe a problem with the Neutral Safety...
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    TT tire pressure?

    What tire pressures do the big guys(Herbst, Riviera, Ragland, etc.) run in their tires during a race.Whether they are running BFG's or Goodyears.
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    Bilstein parts on a King

    Does anyone know if the threading is the same on a Bilstein coilover as a King. I need to know if the top spring adjuster off a Bilstein will screw onto a King. Bilstein makes the hardware for a 3 5/8 spring for a 2.5 shock like what are on protrucks.
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    Canitlever Pics.

    Soooooo, anybody have any rear suspension pics of trucks, jeeps(Leduc), or anything else with a semi-conventional CANITLEVER. Something like raglands Butch, or Leducs Grand Cherokee, Patelli's blazer but not like the Baldwin Bros. extreme setups.
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    Old Riverside Raceway Tape

    I thought it was pretty cool, my mom was digging through some of my dads old tapes and found one from 1986 of a score race at Riverside raceway that my dad had recorded off TV. Those were the days. I was just a wee boy at the last events but damn they looked fun. I would've had much more fun...
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    Leduc Grand Cherokee

    Anybody know off hand how much wheel travel Leduc pull's with the 4-linked solid front axle on that pig.
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    Chevy Arms

    Just thought id'e post a pic or two of some arms a friend of mine has built for his sons truck. 19 inches of travel with no camber change. The first pic is droop.