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  1. kdm73091

    1 1/4" bung thread chasing ideas?

    Anyone have any good ways or ideas on chasing threads in an inch and a quarter bung? My heim wont screw in cause of the threads inside are messed up and i need to figure out a way to fix it.
  2. kdm73091

    Who has the camburg equal length i-beam race kit??

    Does anyone have camburgs equal length beam race kit? The one with a heim and lower uni ball to adjust the camber. like this
  3. kdm73091

    lower link to rearend housing mounting postion thoughts!!

    trying to determine how i should mount my links to my rearend housing, the straight up and down way or the straight out way... ive done some research and i heard its all in the geometry and where the roll center point is going to be in the truck and i guess you want it as far forward as you can...
  4. kdm73091

    anyone familiar with meziere waterpumps??

    i have a meziere water pump for a small block ford and i have the adapter plate for the cam chain cover but it seems that the bolt holes are still not right.. idk the hole thing just seems off to me, like the bolts that hold the cover to the backside of the pump would hit the adapter plate and i...
  5. kdm73091

    new to solidworks need help!

    i have solidworks 2011 and i havent made much progress with the program haha. im pretty lost on how it works and im not that great with computers. im trying to learn the basics right now and hopefully build badass stuff with the program. i want to learn how to build cages, and suspension for my...
  6. kdm73091

    how to get 500hp out of my 302

    im looking to get 500 somewhat reliable hp out of my 302. i was thinkin about bore and stroking it to a 331 or a 347. i was going to use all lightened parts but i heard for a desert truck it will just destroy itself after being at high rpms and mashing on it for to long. i want to know what...
  7. kdm73091

    Uni ball or bushing trailing arms

    I'm building my trailing arms and I'm debating on uni balling the front mount or to use bushings. What does everyone think?
  8. kdm73091

    carb vs. efi for my race truck

    im building my 302 to a 331, its currently fuel injected but ive been hearing that i should switch it over to carb. i kind of want to stick with efi cuz i think it might be better with more hp and easier to tune. what does everyone think about efi? how would it benefit me if i switched to carb...
  9. kdm73091


    i have a bare ranger frame and cab sitting waiting to be built but ivve lost my sense of direction on where to start. i had it all planned out until i had to lose focus on it for a while and now i dont know where to start, its like a mental blockk!. should i work my way front to back, back to...
  10. kdm73091

    52 or 54 inch orrr longer trailing arms

    im building trailing arms for my ranger, i made templates for 52 inch trailing arms but im thinking i might do 54 or maby even longer? whats the best length? running 351/c4 pushd back, and 9inch
  11. kdm73091

    c4 or c6 to a 351??

    first of all will a c4 bolt up to a 351? second, is it better off to run a c4 or c6 to a mild built 351? going into a ranger
  12. kdm73091

    302 vs. 351 in a ranger

    i have a efi 302 that i was going to do a mild build and put it in my ranger, i am eventualy going to race it, going to be 4linked and beamed. now im thinking about doing a bigger more hp mild build efi 351. i just want peoples opinions on this.
  13. kdm73091

    help boxing a ranger frame

    im boxing my frame but what thickness plate should i use? 1/8th or 3/16? i was going to take 2 sheets of 1/8th inch 2feet wide by 8feet long run it along the frame, mark it and then cut it so its all one piece, seems like a good and easy idea but i dont know for sure. what should i do? thanks...
  14. kdm73091

    5.0 motor mounts for a ranger

    whats the best way to make 5.0 motor mounts for a ranger? im pushing the motor back 6inches and boxing the frame. should i do solid mount or bushing? pictures would be great to refrence from. thanks
  15. kdm73091

    whats the best way to truss a 9inch

    i need help on trussing my 9 inch, what is the best way and easiest? do i have to preload the housing so it doesnt warp? if it does warp what do i do? what material? i have 2x4 120 wall tubing i was going to use. also does the truss have to go across the hole back of the housing? any pictures...
  16. kdm73091

    how wide is too wide for a ranger?

    i got some equal length beams for my ranger originally for a f150.. the track is suposivly gunna be 90 inches wide. is that wayyy over kill? tell me what you think?
  17. kdm73091

    4.0 v6 majorly overheating

    my 97 4.0 is overheating majorly up to 250 dgrees on the freeway and luggin, 230 on the street.... i dont understand why because i have replaced everything, radiator, water pump, thermostat, overflow, radiator cap, 16 inch spal fan, and flushed the system twice... what teh hel else could be...
  18. kdm73091

    Goodyear wrangler mt/r with kevlar

    does anyone know how the GOODYEAR WRANGLER MT/R WITH KEVLAR are? im looking to gget 35/12.50/15 and i want to know if anyone has any reviews about them. i need to know if there long lasting mostly, how well they do on the dirt and if anyone likes them. let me know your input thanks
  19. kdm73091

    what gears would be best to run in the rearend with a c4

    i have a c4 that im planning to swap in with my 4.0 ranger and im wondering what gears would be best to use in the rearend so i can get good mileage on the highway. it is my daily. i have 3.73s with 33s and it gets decent mileage with the stock 4r55e trans right now but its to weak for my...
  20. kdm73091

    what is the best optima to use

    i have a red top now in my dd ranger and i have lights fans fuel pumps stereo and all that stuff. it was a good battery but it only lasted me a year and a half. i was looking at the blue tops but there for marine. and alot of people say to use a reds or yellows. i am planning on hooking up 2...