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    Mystery Machine Dezert Racer

    Scooby is racing baja on Cartoon Network right now! The Mystery Machine looks pretty mean!
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    Orange County RC Car Club W/ Free track?!

    Anyone want to make a club or just meet on the weekends for a couple hours? Found an old track in Lake Forest that we could fix up. I noticed quite a few guys with cars on here. I have an 1/8th Truggy that barely fits on this track and would be willing to build a bigger track if anyone wants to...
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    Eating It (His Front Tire!)

    Hello homey it appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks, why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with another member in any one of our forums? I guess I'll do my part for RDC...
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    What happened to the Pentagon?

    Does anyone else find this video a little odd? I really don't remember seeing any airplane wreckage from the Pentagon plane crash...check out the video
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    "Bike" Action Shot's

    \"Bike\" Action Shot\'s I couldn't resist posting this shot...But I want to see other "bike" action shots from fellow RDC'ers! I can be MTB, BMX, MX, or Quad, whatever!
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    Saddleback MX

    I was driving home the other day and I noticed a Dirt Werx van passing me near Cook's Corner. Dirt Werx is the company that built Saddleback II. Anyone hear about Saddleback III??? I need a closer place to ride! The web site has not been updated since June 19.
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    RDC Mountain Bike Day

    After reading all of the posts on here about everyone's hobbies, I thought we should organize a day where we can all meet up at Big Bear or some other riding spot and ride for a day some upcomming weekend. I could do Downhill, light XC, dirt jumping, BMX, or just play riding. Any takers on this...
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    I was waiting for this to happen...Barspins!

    New from Marzocci...
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    What are the affects of lift spindals??

    Currently I have a '99 Tacoma "mini" (not the prerunner or 4x4) with the Camburg uppers and lowers. I want to find out if there will be any ill affects a fabtech 3" spindle will have on the kit. I was thinking it would give the Camburg kit a few extra inches of wheel travel but I didn't know...