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  1. unbeLEVOble

    Bypass shocks

    We're building a new race frame (Aussie Prolite) and along with that trying to improve a few things with the suspension - particularly the front. The old design runs a single 3" emulsion shock but I would like the tunability of a bypass. Space is limited due to the design of the a-arms, so...
  2. unbeLEVOble

    Wait times TCS Performance

    Hi Guys, wondering what sort of waiting time is normal for getting custom work from TCS Performance? I have been waiting for close to 3 years now for an adapter plate and torque converter setup! Paid up front, but that doesn't seem to make any difference. Anyone else have similar trouble...
  3. unbeLEVOble


    Hi, my name is Warwick and I am returning to racing in Australia after a break of about 15 years. Two and a half years ago I bought an almost rolling frame here and have spent a bit of cash trying to build it up since - my biggest holdup has been (well still is) waiting (over two years now) for...