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  1. RyGuy85

    2015 V2R Encouragement

    V2R is only 2 months away so I wanted to share my personal story about the race. I finished the 2014 V2R in last place, not just last in class, not just last for bikes, last overall. 24 hours 42 minutes 11 seconds. And I have never been happier. If you prepare, plan, and practice, you can...
  2. RyGuy85

    BITD Vegas to Reno Hotels - I NEED A ROOM!

    All the rooms at the Aliante in Vegas are booked for August 13th, Death Valley Inn and Stagecoach Inn in Beatty are both booked the night of August 14th. If anyone knows of someone with a reservation that no longer needs it or has an extra room please let me know ASAP. This is my first V2R race...