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  1. bigtex

    Class 6100 @ The Mint 400

    What does their truck have that no one else can have? Pete can you buy every part on their truck and run it on yours?
  2. bigtex

    Attn: 6100 Teams and Participants and who ever it may concern!!

    The only advantage I see that Brett has is he drives a Mason Truck.........and can drive the wheels off the truck.........................Maybe Mason trucks should just be banned....too fast..............maybe Brett should be banned....too fast
  3. bigtex

    Official SCORE Baja 1000 thread - 2014

    Any word on 871?
  4. bigtex

    Long Beach Racers Spec Engine Tundra Trophy Truck Build

    Is this engine already approved for 6100?
  5. bigtex

    Class 8 Cooling Issues…

    Water pump pulley looks big to me, can't tell for sure by the picture. Check and make sure it is the same size or smaller than the crank pulley. I had an overheating issue at one point, mine was caused by incorrect pulley ratios. My water pump was not spinning fast enough. I tried many many...
  6. bigtex

    What is the cost to get into a race car?

    I have rented from Pete and can say he has a great program. I plan on renting in the future from him again. You might say its a lot of money to rent but I raced for 10 years and renting here and there is MUCH CHEAPER lol.
  7. bigtex

    The mint 300 winners get no respect

    How does a 2nd place equal a win? am I they only one confused by this? 1st place equals a win, I always thought.
  8. bigtex

    6100 vs. 7200. Who is faster?

    Seems like everyone had an issue or 2 out there. These trucks are getting fast!!! Jerry I find it funny how you lead the whole race?? I've talked to many people and you.....I mean your truck,the Borden's and Jason all lead. Once again how you state things is different than everyone else...
  9. bigtex

    Josh Daniel is coming to The Mint 400 with something new...

    What trans is he running? Six speed would be very cool with this engine!!
  10. bigtex

    Parker 425 race recap video - #1073 RPM Muffler class 10, Pat Dailey & Richard Glaszczak

    Terrible what happened to the car. Glad you guys are ok. Good luck at the next race.
  11. bigtex

    #1494 Vince Munoz MCC Racing^^VIDEO^^Rage at the River '13 - MWP

    Great video. Truck looks fast!! What happened to the engine?
  12. bigtex

    7200 trucks

    If you are looking for a 7200 a Mason truck is the way to go. Most wins and most podiums in the class. If it is new or used they are the fastest out there. Good luck on the search!
  13. bigtex

    Congratulations to BJ Baldwin

    Love him or hate him, you cannot deny he is one of the best out there. True talent. Congrats on the win, possibly the hardest race in a decade or more.
  14. bigtex

    Mason Motorsports (Class 6100) ((VIDEO))

    Great video!! Trucks look great.
  15. bigtex

    6100 battle. Who will have the fastest?

    Very cool to see these trucks in the top ten!! Way to go Bordens.
  16. bigtex

    Sourapas Motorsports Testing.

    Looking good!! Good luck this weekend.
  17. bigtex

    Mason 6100 for Sourapas Motorsports

    Where are the pics of the final product?
  18. bigtex

    First ever Fast-Aid Charity Golf Tournament - June 29, 2013

    The tournament was a blast. Won some GREAT stuff in the silent auctions. The beta trails bike, some Jimmie johnson signed race gloves and utv tires!! had a blast, sign me up for the next one!!! Glad I could help a great charity.
  19. bigtex

    Mason 6100 for Sourapas Motorsports

    More pictures!!!!!
  20. bigtex

    Mason 6100 for Sourapas Motorsports

    When will this one be racing?