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    RGR Coilover Info?

    Yeah, I knew that part. I remember Robby in that truck when I was a kid. I was wondering who his fab guy was in those days and if he might have been the one to make them?

    RGR Coilover Info?

    I picked these coilovers up a while back from a race team I was working with? They came off of the La Victoria TT. Anybody have any info about who made them or if any parts besides the spares I have might be available? There are also some old school bump stops that came with them. Any idea on...

    R.I.P. Nye Frank

    Just read in the Press Enterprise newspaper that a beloved member of our sport, Nye Frank, passed away last night at the age of 68. He built some of the greatest off-road vehicles ever and had many great accomplishments to his name. He will be greatly missed.

    SMD's Trophy Trucks...

    This truck always seemed to have transmission problems....what solved the problem?

    Laughlin HWY 163 spectating

    With the crowds getting bigger and bigger every year, I don't see how everyone that normally sat along 163 will fit up on the hill. I sat along the highway section for the past 5 years and it is the only area where you still get a desert feel with the racing. Parking along the fence enabled you...

    spectating at parker

    Are campfires allowed up Shae Rd.?

    Baja 1000 is next, who's going to race? new cars?

    I guess I missed that discussion somewhere? Three single-seaters? Trophy Trucks or Class 1 DuneBuggies?

    Gibson Performance/DONDEL Team CORR

    I believe a transaxle with an outputshaft out the back sends power directly to the front diff....= no transfer case..

    Funny Pic

    Thats the truth
  10. NOODLE

    CORR Tickets left??

    so if i show up saturday morning there should be no problems getting tickets?
  11. NOODLE

    CORR Video From Sunday!

    WOW, It reminds me so much of the days at Riverside Raceway. I was unable to make the drive this weekend so thanks for the video. I got chills watching it and getting a look at the track. Hopefully this track will help recreate the excitement for short course style racing that Riverside Raceway...
  12. NOODLE

    CORR SD Media Day Track Pics

    Since you have seen the track/grandstands layout, where is going to be the best viewing from the grandstands, straightaway or corner? Is there gunna be a huge difference in viewing between $30 and $50 dollar seats?
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    Pictures Of New Tt's.

    I guess I forgot the D in SMD. Sorry about that David.
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    Pictures Of New Tt's.

    So S or M of SMD, what is the verdict on your new truck after the test drive? How are you liking all that horsepower from Randy Davidson Racing Engines? Randy builds one hell of an engine, wouldn't you agree?
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    Taylor TT

    YUP, it was the D. Clark one. What a great truck. But the sale had nothing to do with the accident. Just another chapter in Taylor Motorsports.
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    Tony T's Top Tips

    Actually he didnt race the 1000, the accident was at Terribles Town. Second, it has nothing to do with it. I'm sad he sold it, That truck was a blast to ride in and pit for. I am happy however that the truck will finally get to play with all the other SCORE TT's so it can show its quaility...
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    Who made/makes it?

    Does anybody happen to know who made or makes the front 'glass' on this particular truck?
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    Chrome Plating or Powdercoating in SoCal

    I am looking to get a set of Chevy HD wheels anodized black. I was wondering if anybody here has had it done and what I might be looking at cost wise. Thanks.
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    Who's coming to VEGAS?????

    I will be there for sure. Leaving early friday morning. Hopefully I'll find a way to get in and watch practice. If not, I will be sure to stop by and say hello.
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    Old off-road pics

    Here is something my grandpa gave to me the other day. My grandpa sponsored my dads buggy in the early 70's and my dad gave this to him as a thank you after winning his class. Thought you guys might enjoy.