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  1. bigtex

    6100 battle. Who will have the fastest?

    Seeing how much fun it was to watch 7200 over the years one can only guess the 6100 battle will be just as much fun or better. With a lot of trucks being built who is your favorite? Camburg showed to be very strong last year but with limited competition can they stay on top this year? Heavy...
  2. bigtex

    6100 vs. 7200. Who is faster?

    The winning 6100 Zaiden, Jerry 6175 6100 1 SAT 00:29:01.740 00:34:00.342 00:33:48.074 3 01:36:50.156 03:17:41.892 SUN 00:29:29.159 00:35:55.041 00:35:27.536 3 01:40:51.736 The top 2 7200's 2 Backus, Sean 7265 7200 1 SAT 00:26:05.147 00:32:03.942 00:32:31.357 3 01:30:40.446...
  3. bigtex

    Mason Motorsports trucks sweep the 7200 podium at BWDC!!

    First Day in the books great job. Lets how tomorrow goes!! *Sorry meant to put on day 1 in the title
  4. bigtex

    Brodozer motorsports go 2, 3 at HDRA night race!

    brodozer motorsports had a great showing this weekend going 2nd and 3rd in 1400. After a tough race at the Reno 500 they showed their true dedication to this sport by not letting that keep them down. With their heads held high the 2 brothers Nick and Chris with their dad Bill came back from Reno...
  5. bigtex

    Car seat with 5 points?

    I am building a bronco and have 4 bucket seats with 5 points and was seeing if anyone has put a car seat in a prp seat with 5 points. It will probably be my DD so just seeing what others have done. thanks for the input in advance.
  6. bigtex

    ***Socal 250 1450 racers please read*** side bet, lets do this!!

    ******TO ALL 1450 RACERS***** If you want to enter the 100 dollar side bet . When you are at the drivers registration talk to Brittany at sign up. She has agreed to help us out (even though she is very busy at that time) to collect our money and keep track of who is entered. If we can get 10...
  7. bigtex

    Walker evan's or method's

    We are getting some new wheels for the race truck and I wanted some opinions from people that have some experience with them. We are getting beadlocks and need a strong wheel I only run 33's on 17's so my wheels take alot of abuse. We have only had a few wheel failures in the past 25 races but...
  8. bigtex

    1435 in car from sunday Here is our in car from sunday. I kinda jumped the start opps! I did not have it mounted real good so some parts are shakey. Its not as good as a TT's in car but enjoy. We finished 5th which for us is outstanding, we did...
  9. bigtex

    This is not good.......
  10. bigtex

    ESPN article on MDR200 Thought I would share this......
  11. bigtex

    recommendations on machine shop in or around S.D. north county

    Getting ready to build a new motor for the racetruck and looking to find a good machine shop to get my block all ready.(please do not recommend HDS or VW paradise, thanks)I swear its getting harder and harder to find a good trust worthy machine shop. Thanks in advance Jason C.
  12. bigtex

    WOW great job Dave Caspino and Mason Motorsports

    What a hell of a year these guys had, a clean sweep winning every SCORE event plus Laughlin leap. Winning the 1000 by alot with zero they have something figured out. Great job Dave,Robert Jason And Neil you guys earned this Championship. Great job on the 2010 season. VIVA MASON...
  13. bigtex

    Sooo whos ready for some more DRIVE racing on Dec. 4th

    We are in the middle of getting the truck all ready to go with a new rear end set up, and some other small changes. looking forward to the Grand prix style racing hopefully I get to do all the laps this how many 1450 truck will we have???? Lets make it a good one. As always I...
  14. bigtex

    Cool article on yahoo

    Cool little read,hopefully helps people see more what desert racing is all about.;_ylt=AvxEdL1eLeuD7feJYaEudUY5nYcB?slug=jh-offroad082510
  15. bigtex

    1493 video from The FUD 200

    What a great race, loved the course and the weather was great for the race. Our motor was running good and the new front end DesertNation did was great, we had some brake issue that would not allow us to run for the lead but a solid 3rd is good for me. Great job 1476 and 1499 you guys were on it...
  16. bigtex

    Congratulations Dave Caspino and Mason Motorsports

    WOW...Way to start the new year with a bang, Congratulations on a great win. The truck seems to be doing what it needs to do and Dave's driving is outstanding doing what he needs to do. Can not wait to see how the rest of the year goes for this great team.
  17. bigtex

    1493's first test since head on collision

    We finally finished the "new" truck. Went out to Plaster City just starting getting the shocks tune right and the rear end went out....damn new V8.
  18. bigtex

    Jason "Tex" Cagle

    So after all these years of racing with everyone I finally sat down to become a member.I race 1493 in the superstition series.We are almost done with the rebuild after a head on wreck has left us with alot of work. I Started racing as Matt Toirans co-dog for the first 3 years he was racing. I...